Calvin don't like thunder

Last night I went to dinner at the Oriental Teahouse (their chicken san choi bao is my actual life I don't think you even understand) with Sara, Ruby and Alessia. A grand old time was had, including Ruby sending a male suitor a picture of our feast with the caption "get in me" and having the picture send ten minutes later than the caption, Less showing me this video which made my life and Sara revealing that sometimes she does inappropro things in her dreams with super inappropro people eg. the devil. Why tho? idk. In her defence though she did the devil in exchange for a lift to Africa for a 21st so I feel like that's excusable. Also I have discovered the joys of bad taxidermy, but that is beside the point, which is that as much as I love being in England and hanging out with internet people, it's not quite the same as seeing people that you've been friends with for 7-10 years (holla, Less and I used to own the joint in junior school. Keepin dem other 10 year olds in check. Ttli just realised that means we've been friends for half our lives which is fuuuucked. Sara only has 8 years so far and Ruby's got 7 so maybe lift yo games guys and arrange some kind of tournament for my affections) and went through all 6 years of high school with. Except Ruby missed the first year and came in year 8, and on her first day I made her cry. BFFs. All I did was ask in a British accent whether she wanted to join my country club during badminton in PE. But rli it's weird to go from seeing people every day at school to having to actively make an effort to do stuff so tis nice to catch up. Another reason people having 21sts this year is excellent.

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum with less than six months groundwork to his name we have Patrick, who is arriving in less than eight days and I am SO FRICKIN PUMPED MAN YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I haven't even been back for two weeks but considering we've spent two of the three months we've been officially together living in the same house and spending a grand total of three daytimes and zero nights apart, two weeks without distraction is a long time. SO THEREFORE I AM QUITE EXCITED FOR HIM TO GIT HERE. Also he hasn't been to Melbourne/'Straya at all before so 'twill be a glorious learning experience for all. But before that happens I have to clean my rooms/get rid of like 60% of my clothes because there are too many and I have no room and I also want to get a new bed that isn't a thousand feet up in the air s00o0o0o0o0o imma do that later but I do not feel like doin it just yet.

At present I am watching Doctor Who (season 3, that one with the scarecrows and the little kid from Love Actually) and chillin wid Calvin who is scared shitless of thunder, bless his little heart. There's a whole bunch of that going on right now but not much rain which is a bitter disappointment. I have the most bangin candle though from Peter Alexander that smells like vanilla and semi like caramel and I don't even know what but it's fantastic, and many magazines and I don't have to do anything today so who even knows what imma do I could play sims for like nine hours if I wanted to. Semi sad though because there are no new shows that I feel like watching out right now which is a tremendous waste of such a day.

I've become mildly obsessed with Chasing the Saturdays, and in the preview for next week's episode they showed Calvin from S Club Juniors and I flipped my shit. It is no coincidence that that is my dog's name. No coincidence at all. I've also gotten quite into Say Yes to the Dress, because I finished all of Brides of Beverly Hills and I  still can't find links for the new season of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. Sometimes when life gets really hard you just have to adapt. Oi it's really distracting me that in this episode the evil guy is hot in like a Tom Riddle in hazpot 2 kinda way. I've also been watching 30 Rock, but then it finished forever and now my life is empty. All the good reality shows are on a break at the moment too, like no Top Model from Australia or Britain, Made in Chelsea, TOWIE, regular Kardashians (do not like the spin offs except sometimes Khloe and Lamar) and don't even get me started on the lack of Rachel Zoe Project. These are dark times. I do not want to watch Girls. I started to watch it but their lives make me sad. I like pretty people with fun lives. There needs to be more of that.

To cope with this lack of reality goodness I've been reading a lot of trashy books (however I'm also reading one about the Holocaust, two about England in the 1500s and one that's like a murder mystery based around the Salem Witch Trials s0o0o don't be judgin) and reading bulk fashion and lifestyle blogs. Pretty pretty lives, yes thank you, no need for struggles and aesthetic displeasure here, thank you.

I also had a mild 1/5 life crisis the other day over the fact of like wdf am I going to do with my life but have since calmed down and resumed my regular stance of not caring. Now I'm going to go either clean my room or play sims. Probably sims. But I will clean after. Probably not. Goodbye.