Dear Diary, Mood: Apathetic

Srzli tho. Also to those of you who do not know what that is a reference to, either you are very young or it was just a Melbourne thing. Idk. Innywhoozle, I am in an unpleasant mood at present, which is odd because I had a bangin' start to the day, and I'm fairly certain I'm about to be murdered because some guy came to the door before and no one else is home yet and oh please god spare me I have so much more to give. Not rli. I keep wanting to make videos but then not actually being bothered to think of good ideas and then wanting to write something and then not knowing what to write and then wanting to get food but the kitchen is so. Far. So yis. The only thing that I actually know I want to do is talk to my boyfriend but I don't know where he is apart from the northern hemisphere. Hollaaaaa for long distance relationships amirite. 3 months today woohoo and aren't we celebrating in style with our lack of contact. In all proper seriousness though people better get home soon because I'm scared to go to the bathroom in case I get murdered and I really need to pee.


I wrote that like three days ago and I'm in a much better mood. I will say that long distance relationships are really freaking hard but also Patrick is coming in eleven days and I saw Mulan at the movies yesterday with Sara so things aint dat bad. And I clearly didn't get murdered the other night so holla. Speaking of Sara, she came over on Valentine's day bearing glorious gifts and also we sat next to each other at Abbey's 21st the other night which was rawther fun as I got to see all my friends from school that I haven't seen in ages (either because I've been in England for half my life or because that's just what happens when you finish high school embrace the reality god bless) and I introduced everyone to the wonders of the Bellini and also got accidentally quite drunk but ya know what I didn't fall off anything or down anything or into anyone or at all really so all is gucci in the hood.

Right now I'm watching season 3 of Community and pondering what I want for dinner because it's almost five so I think that's reasonable, also my grandma got me this candle for ma birthday that smells hell nice, I would describe it as really good shampoo, so that's doing its thang at present. Do I want carbonara for dinner? I do want carbonara for dinner but it's like 35 degrees so idk man. I feel like I should be eating ice cubes and very cold lettuce. Sometimes life just gets really hard. I could go and turn up the air conditioning but it's so far and I don't really want to move but I know I'm going to because human beings should not exist in this kind of environment and oh lordy ok I'm going to go do that now. No I'm not I lied I really don't want to move. God damn it. Ok no now I'm going.

Hallelujah son. I'm trying to get back into posting videos on Tuesdays and I have one that I filmed with Sammy a couple of weeks ago that I need to edit, but I know it's going to take like six hours because there was literally no plan behind it so I keep putting it off. I shall do it though. Because I haven't posted a proper video in ages and I'm pretty much just slacking on all fronts. I didn't make a BecauseTheInternet video this week because MC stole my intro lololol but srzli fuck you. Ok it's still really hot and I don't understand why and I want to go investigate the food situation so imma go now. Apparently it's only going to be 27 degrees tomorrow tnk gawd. Also I've decided I want to get a fish tank so imma go do dat when Patrick gets here. Smashing times ahead. Farewell.

Ps. I also got a really cool jumper yesterday and I'm super pleased with myself.