Goodbye Little Flat

The time has come for me to jog on. After being here for what feels like so long and having just spent three nights away at Patrick's over christmas anyway, it feels quite weird to be leaving. However, I do not live here, I do not even live in this country and new year's is coming, so I must move along. I found the flat on airbnb, which I'd looked at before but never actually used, and had probably the best possible experience with it. Looked exactly like the pictures, in a perfect location (Lambeth in central London, literally down the street from the tube station) and had a big tv with TiVo enabling me to watch Made In Chelsea whilst simultaneously recording The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler. Livin' the dream.

Now I'm off back to Patrick's for a few days to chill before New Year's and my birthday and the inevitable killjoy that is my return to Australia. I'm excited in some ways to go home, like seeing everyone and doing christmas and organising my room, but the idea of not being around Patrick makes me very, very sad and frustrated. I think people greatly underestimate how shitty long distance relationships are, but in saying that it semi goes to show how much we must actually like each other to put up with this shit. But then how great it is when we're together makes the distance worse, so it'S A HORRIBLE ECOSYSTEM OF LOVE AND PAIN AINT THAT THE WAY LIFE GOES C'EST LA VIE CARPE DIEM SOMEONE SPONSOR ME FOR A PERMANENT VISA PLEASE

This took a turn I did not anticipate.

Innywho, that is all for now. I most likely will not have internet now for a few days which is always a ball. Have a grand lyf xo 

Mythical magical wonder.