Just a lil catch up ;)

Wuddup buddies. Strattzmaster is asleep and I have just finished The Only Way is Essexmas and I may have gotten a bit emoshe at the end but all is well know, just watching some youtubez while I decide whether I'm too tired to watch another episode of Grand Designs or not. Speaking of which, that is basically how we spent our evening. PStrattz and I are both rather sniffly and feeling sorry for ourselves so we ordered some food and watched a bunch of super gr8 episodes of Grand Designs and it was fantastic. We love that show. so much. you don't even understand. I showed him the one from season 12 with the water tower and he appreciated it just as much as I did which is really important for us as a couple I feel but also it's a bitchen water tower house with panoramic views of London so who wouldn't like it na'm sayin.

I have this thing where if I'm just like k bedtime off we go goodnight I feel really empty and incomplete, like I need day closure. Day closure can come in many forms from skype to a movie to reading a lil sumsum, but it is necessary or my entire life is pushed off balance. In light of this, for the last week we've been working through the folder of Christmas movies that I have compiled. So far we've done Elf, The Holiday, Olive the Other Reindeer, Rise of the Guardians and Beauty and the Beast: An Enchanted Christmas. Saving the big guns (Love Actually and Eloise at Christmastime) for closer to the actual day. Can't peak too early. Srz tho I'm really excited for Christmas this year which is shit on some levels such as decorating and presents (I really, really, really like getting everyone's presents and wrapping them and putting them under my tree it is straight up the most satisfying feeling, plus I'm really good at gifts so I get really smug) because I'm not going to be at home/doing anything at all rli, but it's still good in terms of movies and playlists and suitably festive nailpolish and also I bought a bunch of Yankee Candles. The most glorious candles of all. Only they didn't have Apple Cider so I had to get a slightly less amazing appley one and also they only had the small size of Christmas Cookie but soldier on I must.

I'm going back down to London on Saturday, and I'm excited to spend a more solid amount of time there. We've only been down for one weekend in the month I've been here and I want to be able to see everyone properly and also go to Shake Shack. Yes. I wanted to take a bunch of photos of all the pretty stuff in Leeds yesterday, but I only managed a couple on account of we were running late for Frozen (saw it in 3D this time, still gr8) and by the time it finished 'twas dark outside. England seriously needs to get its shit together in terms of winter daylight hours. No wonder yall have seasonal depression. Howevz, we're going to see the Hobbit tomorrow and I'll probably end up back around Trinity because it's my favourite place for shopping and also wandering, so hopefully the darkness won't look too shitty (snaps for christmas lights) and I'll be able to fang something together to post on the train back to London.

I think I have concluded that I'm too tired for more Grand Designs, so I'm going to go figure out how to get my day closure and then do some sleeping now, but I shall see you soon. Baiiiii x0