In Progress

I accidentally broke a big set of ikea shelves today. Lolwoopz. As a result I now have 8 squares worth of stuff to either throw out or find a new place for, which is forcing me to get down to business and properly organise my lyf/rooms, but it is also very tiring so I'm taking a break. One thing I have realised as a result of this is that I am no longer in danger of becoming a hoarder. Throwing things away is really, really satisfying. I still keep all my pokemon cards and like three separate 'special boxes' of various significant objects, but I even threw out a couple of notebooks today and that, as someone to whom stationary is equivalent to heroin or gold, is quite a big step.

While cleaning I have worked my way through pretty much my entire youtube 'watch later' playlist, so I have now moved on to a documentary about medieval peasants. It's thrilling. I'm really glad I'm not one.


I fell asleep in the middle of writing that last night, 'tis now 1pm on Friday and I'm feeling oddly motivated today. Still a bit intimidated by the shelf fiasco carnage around me, but for the first time in a while I feel like I want to get a bunch of projects started and put my skillz'n'talentz to use. Anxiety, or at least mine, has a way of sucking any kind of sense of motivation or purpose out of the air around you, and I'm very very pleased to finally feel it coming back. I think it probably has a bit to do with the fact that I've been forcing myself to clean and organise and stay busy as well.

I'm also still well into the whole New Year vibe, finishing up my resolutions and making plans and schedules and routines and schemes and all that baller jazz, so imma mosey on off and be productive for a bit. Also probs gonna watch some Grand Designs while I clean. Some things stay the same.