The Last Year

As it is January 1st (technically now the 2nd and also therefore my birthday, but I digress), and Patrick and Jackson have been playing League of Legends for the majority of the past eleven hours, I thought I would fang together a bit of a review of 2013. These photos have taken me like six years to compile so they will probs be light on the caption side, but a picture's worth a thousand words soooooo. Hope yallz had a good new year's, I feel significantly less sick than I did last year, so onwards and upwards we go.

London, Berlin, Rome, Venice, snow and the formation of our build-a-bear family. A very full start to the year. This pace did not carry on for the rest of the year. Surprise.

Left England and rediscovered the sun. The 21st birthdays began and Sara and I continued our tradition of spending Valentine's Day together as a facebook official married couple of over six years.

Patrick Down Under. The start of my favourite part of the year.

Gettin' into the swing of things. Continued to actually leave the house and got scarily into the footy.

A month of many activities and outings.

Uni was over and merriment was had. Final Australian adventures with Patrick, was eventually left alone once more but was not actually alone and continued to go to the footy.

A month of great stress, a complete change in perspective, several celebrations and borderline hibernation.

Two weeks of uni, two weeks of "Summer" in the City. Probably did more that fortnight in London than the entire month of July. 

A month during which I managed not to mention on social media that I was experiencing the emotional equivalent of Pompeii meets a hurricane meets monsoon season. Snaps to me for lack of subtweeting. September contained my worst day ever, but also had some ladzy times. It is only in retrospect that I have realised all photographic evidence would suggest that I apparently combat emotional turmoil with copious amounts of alcohol-based social interaction, but dw guyz I also listen to 1D and watch Mulan.

A month of 1D and many, many selfies.

Exactly like last year, this November was split cleanly in half; uni work, panicking, planning and ordering a lot of takeaway, and finally escaping back to England and the Strattz.
I've realised I often refer to 'escaping' to the UK. I like Melbourne a lot. I just also like Patrick.

Technically speaking I was meant to go back home at the start of the month, but instead it turned into a very long, very full month of Leedsing and Londoning and intense yuletide joy. Finished the year at a party where there were rum slurpees and I found my nemesis in a girl I don't know who changed the song when Frozen was on. Straight up I genuinely dislike her now I know that shouldn't be the case but I promise you she did it with malice and if I ever see her again I will glare. A bit after midnight Patrick and I decided to go over to his friend's house and ended up waiting for a bus in the rain at Elephant & Castle for about an hour and a half but it was all gucci in the end because we got there in time to watch The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars. 

2013 was easily the most difficult and scary and confronting of my life so far, but looking at it like this helps me remember it was also pretty great for a lot of reasons. Fingers crossed 2014 is a bit lighter on the bullshit. Many blessinz. Hope yall have a nice MADDI'S BIRTHDAY WHICH IS JANUARY 2ND GOODBYE *MIC DROP*