Things and Stuff

I'm currently sitting here watching Grand Designs with a bowl of chicken pad thai while my new video uploads, feeling very pleased with myself. Being productive has gone well today. I was going to do a post on my new year's resolutions but I'm thoroughly exhausted and I want to put away/start using some of the stuff I got for christmas and my birthday, so I decided to find the things that I haven't already lost track of and fang em together for a recent acquisitions post. I think I did quite well at gathering, but there's obviously still a bunch of stuff that's not in here eg. money, things I couldn't be bothered to find and mix CDs. It's solidly in the middle of birthday season for my friends so there are mix CDs left right and centre. Gotta make a couple myself actually once I'm done with this post. Mix CDs. We're big on mix CDs.

Also I'm having a little late birthday lunch thing next weekend so perhaps there shall be photos of that  coming soon.

The Cath Kidston notebooks were one of my presents from Patrick, the sea star thingy is from my grandparents on account of I am a star, and the rest is from my friend Ruby. After our many years of adolescent shenanigans and dramatic friendship she is quite familiar with the path to my heart. Any kind of stationary is an automatic 10/10, the Wanderlust book has a bunch of questions and sections to fill in when you travel, and the map set has stickers and cards too and I am so pumped to make things for people just so I can use them. I'm very big on activities.

Maddi love some candles. I bought the Yankee Candles in England because they're ridiculously inconvenient to get here, and the other two are from David Jones. From top to bottom the books are a Moleskine daily diary for 2014, a really pretty paperchase notebook from PStrattz, a little one I got while we were waiting for the train up to Leeds and a book called Stay Where You Are from my grandparents by the same author as Boy In The Striped Pyjamas.

Candle from a company that I forget because I've lost the box, but it smells like sweet pea, and pretty things from the Strattz. While we're here, he also got me this weird stuffed tea pot that is actually a tape measure and when I opened it I just started pissing myself because he knows pretty much everything about me and what I like so the fact that he panicked under pressure and just picked up some random girly looking thing is probably the sweetest, funniest thing ever. Like thank you, I have really been needing a floral stuffed tea pot tape measure. It will go just swell with my decor. God bless you, Patrick. You make my life.

Shit yeah. Well displeased I didn't get the movie though, will have to go out and rectify this misfortune later this week. Also picked me up a tiny crystal skull vodka at duty free. Now Yorick has a friend.

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake from Cola aka my mother. Not 500% wild about the bottle but it smells extremely pleasant, which is probably the more important quality in a perfume.

Whenever I'm in England I stock up on 3 Minute Miracle because Aussie products are extremely ironically pretty much impossible to find in Australia. The other 3 are replacements for things I'm running out of; Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI, Black Plum by Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour lip protectant. Was v. obsessed with all 3 for pretty much all of last year.

Saving the best for last, my final present from Patrick: a new addition to our bear family. His name is Arthur and he has a One Direction tshirt under his robe. Older brothers Russell and Biggles are overjoyed. Srz tho we spent the day in Covent Garden and went to Shake Shack and Build-A-Bear and it was really nice

Idk where everything else has gone and I don't really feel like wading through Shelf Fiasco 2014 to find it all so that is it for now. I've decided to give season 4 of Community another go, so I'm off to watch that now and probably also sleep. Definitely sleep. Sleep.