too hot. too hot.

Melbourne is in the middle of a heatwave slash it's Australian summer so the whole thing is a heatwave but oh. my god. I am so done with this. Today it got up to 47 degrees some places and I'm literally sitting directly on top of the air conditioning vents because it is somehow STILL HOT INSIDE. Innywhoozle, I have got a bit of an internship going on at the moment which means I've had to wake up at like 7am every day, so I am 500% exhausted right now, but I thought I ought to check in here before I collapse. 

I've also summer-ised my bag and swapped from my normal black one to a clutch, so I had to cut it down to the essentials and I thought I'd post some cheeky snaps, mainly on account of the fact I'm really obsessed with my phone case right now. PS. that blue thing is tissues. Looks somewhat questionable.

I'm off to get some ice water and maybe some food, then go and pass out for hopefully at least 12 hours. Hanging out for the cool change this weekend. Enjoy the last known photo of my Myki card. RIP.

PS. Calvitron seems to be enjoying the weather. How, I do not know.