Eat, Pray, Yolo

I don't know how obvious it has become to those of you outside of my brain/friendship circle, but the reason I've been effectively M.I.A. since January is that Patrick and I have broken up. Won't sugarcoat it, probably the shittiest thing I've ever been through, but I realised pretty quickly that I wasn't going to get anywhere unless I dealt with it properly, so I exhausted my mandatory floor-crying phase, did some soul searchin' whilst sitting and marinating in my own thoughts for 8 hours a day at my internship*, and decided to go visit some of my friends in Perth.

The point of this was 40% to catch up with everyone and 60% to go to the beach and chill at the country house and just figure out where my head was and how I wanted to get on with things. Also I was really craving Pink Rice sushi. If we're being real here Pink Rice was probably at least 90% of the reason. They have potato salad sushi. Potato salad. Sushi. 

As fate would have it, when I was sitting at the airport waiting to board I found out my friend Louisiana was also there on her way to Bali, and she was all 'you should come after Perth' and I was all 'yeah why not yolo', and that is what I did.

Simply put, I pulled an Eat, Pray, Love**, only mine was more of a Drink, Beach, Instagram, and while I stand by my decision to classify this period as The Lost Years, far be it from me to go away for three weeks and not post any pictures.

I'm home now, uni has started and I feel like the time has come to start posting properly again, so hopefully that is a thing that will be happening from now on, but tbph witchu I'm still a bit all over the place so ain't makin any specific promises.

Many blessings.

*This was a hoot a holler and a half, believe you me

**When I started joking about pulling an Eat, Pray, Love neither I nor anybody I was talking to about it had actually seen or read Eat, Pray, Love so I semi assumed it was humorously inaccurate but then Lou and I watched it in Bali and it turned out to actually be pretty relevant and also have James Franco in it, so that was a pleasant surprise.

P.S. I met a crocodile

P.P.S. There are about a billion more photos on insty including like 20 of me and Lou doing the exact same selfie pose. But here is a lil taster as to why The Lost Years is both a humorous and entirely justified moniker.

God bless Alleycats and my exceptional taste in friends.