Biblio Bar

I'm currently chillin at one of my favourite super secret spots in Rome. I mean considering it's right on the river, just near Castel Sant'Angelo and in plain sight it's probably not that secret but it's never too busy and I didn't know it was here before this trip, plus it has free wifi so it's a new and exciting treasure in my life. The last four or five or however many days I've been here so far have been ridiculously busy. Gabby and I walked and walked and walked and took a horrendous number of selfies and cultured ourselves and also I found wifi in a park?!!? Many, many photos to come, but right now Gabby's en route to Mykonos and I'm just sitting here with an iced cappuccino listening to my baller Italy playlist and enjoying livin la vida lazy. 

I've tried to blog so many times since I've been here but it just doesn't work. There's too much to say to go into detail, and if I don't go into detail it's just like yes hello I am in Rome and I have been seeing some things and eating some things. Idk guyz. I'm getting really distracted by a text convo I'm having and the fact that Summergirls by LFO just came on my playlist. Being here makes my already abysmal attention span even worse.

The staff at the restaurant near our apartment where we go to use their wifi and eat lots of pasta know us now. They know our names, they know our stories, they know we use them for their internet. And the other night they gave us free champagne which was pretty ace. They also turned off the wifi to see what we would do but joke's on them because we just guessed the password for the restaurant nextdoor. 

I keep almost singing along out loud to this playlist. Should probably keep that urge in check but I'm just really content. I THINK I JUST TOUCHED A BIRD WITH MY FOOT UNDER THE TABLE? Innywhoozle, I've still got another month of this to go. I'm so excited for everything, especially going to Amsterdam because that's the main place I somehow haven't been before, and seeing George, Dan and Jake in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. I AM SO. EXCITED. I miss them (especially George, always George) quite a lot, and I can't freakin wait to drag them around with me.

I'm gonna go continue my conversation and work on a few little projects in the sun, but I shall endeavor to check in again soon. And on Friday once I get to Florence I'll have wifi at the hotel, so we can get stuck into some pictures. Many blessings to one and all. May your playlists be great and your face be complimented by attractive waiters.