Forza Mofos

In keeping with my #jetsetlyfstyle I am currently comin' atcha on my phone from the boarding lounge about to hop on an aircraft to Rome. Hectic times abound. Considering this is a trip that came about as the result of a horrific break up, it has taken shape quite nicely and I am suitably excited. 

I might post properly from Dubai because I have a stopover that's just long enough to be annoying and I have been slacking on the blog front lately. Since we last conversed I officially finished my 5th semester of uni, only one to go now holler holler dollar bills, and got an apartment! Like a real grown up! A place to put my ikea couch and matching life size Zayn Malik cut out. I didn't finish packing before I left but ya win some ya lose some, just do it when I get back.

I shall endeavour to find various caf├ęs with free wifi from which to update you while I'm in Rome, but for now I must board. Deuces.

UPDATE: apparently this shit stops in Singapore as well like excuse u no.

Also I have an exit row seat so I will be balling my way through the next 16 hours with suitably extended legs. Except the lady next to me keeps invading my personal space so maybe someone should teach her manners real quick before we take off. 

Omfg she is now attempting to converse with the guy on the other side of her literally do not even think about turning this way, my friend. Do not even consider it. Plane talkers are the worst kind of people. Many blessinz.