A Little Bonus

This isn't a Madvent post, but I'm in a very bloggy mood so I thought I'd chuck in a little extra sumsum. My life, my rules thank u.

I am in a fantastic mood right now. It's 6am and there's a massive thunderstorm outside. Normally we can't hear the rain in this apartment, which kills me because rain is one of my favourite sounds/sights/experiences, but I've figured out that if I open the window in my room it goes at an angle that the rain actually hits, so that is what I have done. There's ridiculous thunder and lightning going, and it's obviously overcast so there hasn't been a sunrise, it's just very dusky and grey and I know to some people that might sound like a nightmare but to me it's amazing. I've got all my lights off and some candles going and I AM JUST REALLY CONTENT AIIGHT. I've been quite content in general lately which, after the frickin yoyo of a year I've had, is very pleasant. There are a few things that are pissing me off or stressing me out, but not enough to ruin the rest of it, and I've taken this long-awaited placid stage in my life as an opportunity to start preparing for 2015/life in general.

As we're all aware by now, I'm a terrifyingly keen planner and am very big on symbolic new starts, so I've already set about writing lists and sorting through clothes and doing what I would kindly refer to as a spring clean of people. Really it's a cull, but that sounds a bit harsh so we're going to stick with the first one.  Nothing too drastic, like there are only a few people I've really consciously decided to cut out; it's mainly actually been me figuring out who I need to make MORE time for, which is a much healthier angle to come at things from. I won't go into my 2015 planz-n-changez now because I'm sure there will be a post about that later on in the month, but that's the tone of things right now. I know I keep saying I'm busy all the time nowadayz, but I've actually just had three consecutive days off which was fantastic. I got so much done, but I've also messed up my sleep pattern again - hence me being awake at 6am - which is probably not going to be making me so joyous when I have to leave the house and get back to bidness in a few hours. Maybe I'll go to Starbucks. I really want a Christmas Cookie frappuccino.

Right now I think I'm going to go make some more lists - probably of things I want to get done next week, as well as a couple relating to various creative projects - and then watch The Holiday for the #Madvent Movie Club. I'm enjoying Madvent so much so far, I love when you guys actually interact with it and tweet me and comment on the videos and watch the movies. It makes me v hap, because sometimes it can be a bit hard to process that you guys are actual real people and not just a bunch of internet phantoms. That being said, I have been interacting with you a lot more in the past few months in general, and sometimes I go cackle outside Fiona's door to tell/show her things you've done on twitter so rest assured that I'm very pleased with the quality of the little group we seem to have cultivated here. This has been a ridiculous year, like massive highs and horrible lows, but I feel like things are settling down and coming together now, and I'm very excited to see what happens next.

Finally, as of today I have officially passed university, which means I'm graduating this month and that is insane to me. I know I was never super into uni, but it is a massive accomplishment to have actually stuck at it and not failed anything, and I'm v proud of myself. It also means that "later" has now arrived, and I'm feeling like it's time to actually start all the projects I've been putting off fo'eva. Encouragingly, considering that I'm apparently now a productive person, this is looking likely to actually happen. I've realised that I tend not to really talk about a lot of the things that actually matter to me, which is weird but also very in keeping with my character. I don't think it's a conscious thing, but considering music has been like a solid third of my life since I was about five and I literally now have a degree in writing, it is starting to strike me as a bit odd that my videos have nothing to do with either of those things. I don't think I really plan on changing course or including them more - especially not on my main channel - but I do think I'll probably go into them a bit more on here, and you can obviously assume that a lot of my projects will be involving one or both of those things.

I've got the first few chapters of at least five novels on my computer currently (not counting any really horrible ones I started prior to like 2010), and there are a lot of magazine-ish articles I want to get stuck into writing as well as a couple of ideas for more non-fiction-based things, but I do need to ease myself into post-uni productivity. I don't want to try and do everything at once and then get overwhelmed and give up and end up working in an office sitting on Adobe every day and hating my life. Please lord no more Adobe. And never 9 to 5. I think I would shrivel up and slither out under the door if I had to work a generic office job. Innywhoozle, this has just been a bit of a ramble whilst I sit on my bed and listen to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, but it's nice to empty my brain on here every now and then between the more structured posts that shall be continuing throughout the glory that is Madvent. Basically, I'm very content and I'm sorting my life out and I'm proud of how I've done this year and it is time to start writing that six part YA series based entirely on my own teenage life. Like a more explicit Georgia Nicolson, with slightly fewer earth-shatteringly cringeworthy mishaps. Actually I might have to invent some of those to plump up the relatability of the story between drinking copious amounts of passion pop and becoming obsessed with the guy who played Jesus in my year 10 music. Who knows. We'll find out. I'm gonna go make juice now. x0