Graduation | #Madvent Day 20

 Went and graduated yesterday didn't I.
Let's go on a photographic journey through that since I am very tired and don't want to have to actually execute any kind of high-brow wordsmithery today. xo

Me being demure with my degree

 Having a moment with Mooments

I guess you could say graduation really ROCKED 

Me not caring what you think about my amazing rock joke

#modest #humble 

Hangin' wid me m8 William 

Havin' a cackle with the 'rents

 The happiest graduates in the world #9am #luvzittt

#rude tryna take selfies here, 0 for participation. 

A lovely fartha dorta moment 

Preppin' 4 the hustle

I like this one because it looks like Will didn't graduate 

Aw look it's me mum innit 




I have switched it up here with a bit of an open-mouthed smile whilst father has chosen to stick with a good thing

Abso-bloody-lutely Bonkers

And then we went to TGI Friday's and I got chicken fingers and it was the best part of my day.

Today's #Madvent Movie: The Muppet Christmas Carol