Wishlist | #Madvent Day 10

This is actually a bit of a touchy subject for me at the moment. I am having the most sickeningly first world problem of possibly all time, which is that I don't know what I want for Christmas. Or for my birthday, which is a week later. Like I have no idea whatsoever and if I don't figure it out ASAP then I've wasted my opportunity and I have to wait an entire year. The thing is, the things I want are either too big, or too insignificant, or they're something that I want but not right now. For instance, I want a completely new interior - like bedsheets, cushions, armchairs - but I know I'm probably moving in the next year so there's no point. Similarly, anything bulky or that I can get in electronic form, like books, which would normally be my #1 pick, I'm put off because I don't want to have to figure out how to get them to England when I move. That being said, I sat down and had a little ponder about what I would not mind having at this point in time, and these were the results.

It is important to note that these are things I want, not that I expect. Don't see Papa McG throwing down ten grand for Christmas, doting as he is.

1. Frickin Yankee Candles - Different $$ depending on size and country
I want new candles all day every day, and these two specific Yankee Candles are my all time favourites. Can't go wrong with Apple Cider and Christmas Cookie.

2. Grey Marble Phone Case - $15-$30, Etsy or RedBubble
Still not out of my grey marble phase. No sir. Solidly sat right in the middle of it. I've been feeling the need for a new phone case lately and I just want as much marble in my life as I can get. Also really, really want the snap on case for my laptop.

3. MacBook Pro - $1,350, Apple
I do already have one, but it's four years old and although it still works fine I can feel it slowing down and I'd rather be safe than sorry. That being said, the fact that I've had this laptop for twice as long as any non-Mac one I've had and it's still in perfectly good working order has pretty much clenched the fact that I am never, ever, ever in my life going to buy another PC. Good god no. I always say I'm not having babies until I can afford to buy them Macs which is half a joke but also not. This is probably the most realistic of my bigger items, since I'm also graduating uni and I feel like that's an occasion worthy of commemorating via Apple purchase, especially since any job I'm looking to go into will be quite internet/technology/writing based. It's an investment, Dad.

4. Plane Tickets
This one isn't going to happen, I'm just bein' real with y'all. I want out. No matter where I am, I always want out after a few months of being put. Right now I could go for France, Italy, London or New York. Sponsors welcome.

5. Himalayan Detox Salts - £37, cultbeauty.co.uk
I've been hearing about these on youtube for years and have been thoroughly convinced that they contain some kind of relaxing sleep magic. Basically you put them in your bath and they make you pass out hardcore as soon as you get into bed. I am 100% down with that.

6. White Ursula Throw - $30, IKEA
I know I said I'm trying not to buy decor stuff but oh my god I want this blanket.

7. Alma GM Vernis in Rouge Fauvist/Amarante - Louis Vuitton, $3,600
This one is not happening but I am putting it on here regardless so I can stare at them. I'm not a huge LV fan in terms of the generic monogram print, like I think it's a bit overdone and there are so many rip offs it can just look cheap, but for some reason I have just been obsessed with these for like two years now. I don't know how much of it is the actual bag and how much of it is the idea of getting it but I don't really care. This is going to be my present to myself when I finally decide I have my shit solidly together and have done something impressive and tangible re: sorting out my career. The other sizes are slightly cheaper, but I feel like ya go big or go home.

8. New Camera Lens
Haven't decided which one so I can't tell you a price but I have a hella good lens that I use for photography but it's too zoomed in to use for videos so I basically want the equivalent of that but without the zoom. Get dat blur.

Ideally I want a new Peter Alexander winter flannel set because the penguin ones Sara got me when I got my tonsils out in year 11 are on their last legs but it's freaking summer so there aren't any. If we're being honest I just want the exact same ones again. They're so great. So Peter Alexander penguin pyjamas thanks. New, nice pyjamas make me feel really motivated to organise my life and get into a good routine. She types at 4am.

10. Subscription to ELLE Australia - $70
I would have already bought this for myself because I buy it every month anyway, but I'm probably not going to have the same address for the entirety of the next year and it would be a waste. I would just subscribe to it on my ipad like I do with Glamour UK but this is just one that I really like having a physical copy of because it's always so pretty. Someone just give me $$$ to buy a shit ton of magazines, basically.

11. Saffiano Tote - Prada, Approx. $2200
Similar to the Alma, but I feel like this is one I would just straight save up for and get rather than waiting for it to mark an achievement. Not gon get it from ma parents because they are rational human beings, just want it with my heart.

12. All of Grand Designs on DVD
I already have five seasons but I want the rest. I know I can watch them on the computer but I just like having them on DVD. Because it is the greatest show of our time and Kevin McCloud is my favourite person. It makes me feel very calm.

13. Dior Hypnotic Poison Perfume 
I smelled this in Leeds last year and I remember I very much liked it. Trying to cut down on perfumes (like everything else in my life, apparently) for moving, but yolo.

I love Pokemon. I love Pokemon. I love Pokemon. I love Pokemon.

15. Lincoln Park After Dark - $12-$20, OPI
I've run out of it.

16. Annie's White Cheddar Shells Mac & Cheese
My favourite food. Can't get it in Australia. Same goes for Cheetos. And pizza pockets but you can't bring those over in a suitcase so I will just continue to pine on that front. Maybe I'll order myself a bulk shipment of those the day I get my Alma bag.

17. A Cape - Idk but I will pay it, Zara
I want a cape. I really want a cape. There are lots of good ones at Zara in Europe but NOT IN AUSTRALIA because 1. it's Summer and 2. our Zara here is terrible. I reckon we get sent all the last season stock that didn't sell in Europe. Step it up, Zara. I don't want fugly businesswear.

18. Dog Shark Costume - Priceless, the internet
I want this so I can dress Calvin in it and laugh for the rest of my life

19. The Sims 4 - Irrelevant, f u EA Games
HOWEVER, I can't get it because this is not yet out for MAC, because EA Games are FOOLS. BRING IT OUT. BRING IT OUT.

20. Theatre Tickets - It varies, don't it
I love musicals and I love going to see them but I haven't been to one in about a year and it is breaking my theatrical heart. This would be a very dangerous present to get me though, because I am quite particular about which musicals I see. And I also prefer to save them and see them in the West End or on Broadway than see them in Melbourne. Are we seeing this trend of me just wanting unattainable things? Because I see that trend. In my entire life

21. Physical copy of Four by 1D - Like $20, JB HiFi
I obviously have it on iTunes already but I like having the actual CD. Put it on my shrine.

22. A New Onesie - Depends how good it is
Can never have too many.

23. Money - $5,000,000, a rich person's bank account
Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

24. Cheetos - like $1 a pack please send them to me I will open a PO Box
All I want, all day, every day. But they don't sell them in Australia. So.

25. Blueberries - too much tbh, Woolworth's
I just really like blueberries. Eating them right now.

26. Golden Retriever Puppy - A lot of time and effort, goldenretrieverswillloveuforever.com
Golden retrievers are all that is good in this world. I love them so much. I used to have two but they have both passed into the canine afterlife. Mind you, Calvin is the only love I need, but I do also just really like golden retrievers. Yet another present that I can not realistically or logistically have.

27. Lots of Sleep - Tears of the Angels, Happiness.me
This one I can have. And I will have. I'm going to actively schedule myself three days over which to do nothing but sleep and watch movies and not do anything even vaguely productive. It's going to be amazing.

So there you go. The things that I want that I could think of in the middle of the night. I hope you feel enlightened, and if you are by any chance very, very rich, feel free to sponsor my life.

Today's #Madvent Movie: The Grinch