A Little Fall Of Rain

The title of this post is relevant on two levels, surprisingly neither of which is me being voluntarily involved in an attempted revolution, only to be shot and end up so covered in my own blood that I have mistaken it for precipitation. If you haven't seen Les Mis that is going to have been a very confronting sentence for you to read but that's not my fault really is it. Culture yourself. Back to the matter at hand, unlike Eponone my fall of rain is a literal one, and as you can imagine I am hashtag luvin lyf. I've spent the last few weeks complaining about the lack of rain, so now that it's finally here I've got my window wide open to savour this wonderful moment in time.

The second application of this title is the fact that I'm back in a musical theatre phase at the moment. Like "Are you married, Oscar? Do you have a wife?" level musical theatre phase. I've had the Wicked soundtrack (regular and karaoke) on repeat and on more than one occasion have found myself in a black hole of musical-theatre-people-doing-cabaret-style-humorous-performances videos on youtube. But I'm not gonna fight it. This is just who I am. I do miss being in musicals, but I'm not sure if that style of performance is completely for me anymore. Like there was a point in my life when that was 100% what I wanted to do, but while I still love singing (obviously, don't see that really changing ever) I'm not as into acting as I was in high school, and I think we're all probably familiar with how I feel about dance. But we shall see. I do have the right cheekbones for Elphaba, thanks be to Hades and Ra.

In other news, I'm feeling a tad out of it at the moment on the blogging/general productivity front. Like motivated but also completely incapable of holding any kind of focus, and I've decided that it must be because Mercury has come out of retrograde. Of course I have. Because I got super productive as soon as it went into retrograde and I only started getting slack when it came out so that must be it. Or because my sleeping pattern is ridiculous. One of the two. I prefer blaming Mercury.

Finally, I had the realisation today that if I move to London I won't be able to watch ships just chillin' out on the ocean anymore, which is a very specific concern but also an important one. Watching ships on the ocean (specifically ocean, can not be a river that doesn't work so don't even try) is probably the most calming thing to me, and is as close as you can get to my happy place without including rain or Italy. Subsequently, I now find myself fretting over the distinct lack of open ocean views in Greater London area, and for this I blame not Mercury but instead the time I spent in Fremantle as a small child. So that is what I will be pondering as I now return to my rainy day lounging. If anyone knows how to move an ocean, holler at me. Farewell.