Current Aesthetic

I am currently experiencing a very greyscale moment in my life. All I look at online right now are grey and white jumpers and I'm halfheartedly trying to prevent this from becoming an actual problem but you know what? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. However what is broke is me. So technically I shouldn't buy the jumpers. Regardless, it is also very much summer right now so jumpers in general are not the wisest of sartorial choices, and I've been chucking in some lighter materials so as to prevent combustion. Very, very big on this loose grey batwing cardigan you can see draped artistically over on the left there. Australian Summer is a time for loose materials, so I tend to embrace a vague interpretation of my #1 bae of 1997*, Esmeralda. It invariably ends up literally nothing like her whatsoever, more of a less extreme/billionaire Olsen vibe, but in my mind I am happy.

However, when striving for an Esmeralda vibe one must also be conscious of maintaining some level of tructure, which is where the floral skirt and clutch come in. The skirt is surprisingly structured and flattering, and the clutch is right up my street because I am a fan and a half of unnecessary zips. Plus I just like clutches in general. They say 'I have my life together to the point where I can be trusted to not lose this despite the fact it isn't attached to my person by a strap.' Who doesn't want that. Finally, expect this to be the only post of this nature you will see that does not feature any level of black leather. Summer is a strange time.

Grey Cardigan - TEMT
White Skirt - Just Jeans
Leather Clutch - I have absolutely no clue
Floral Skirt - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Cotton On
White Jumper - Sportsgirl
Shoes - Atmosphere
Grey Jumper - Oasap

*Sussy, her sister Anni and I all had matching Esmeralda nighties, and her brother Bill had a hunchback pyjama set. We were bloody killin' it right from the get go. If I can I will find a photo of this and put it here.
Update: Found three. You're welcome.

Me blowing a heartfelt kiss to the hunchback, Margaret River Drive-In circa '97/'98. I remember Sussy wasn't allowed to come due to being like three and she was piiiiiissed.

Admiring our collective aesthetic with a distinct lack of eyebrows.

I'm not even wearing mine here but Sussy looks like such a pimp I couldn't not put it in.