Detox Specifics

I said yesterday that I would go into more detail about the two most tangible aspects of my life detox, so here we are. I don't view juice detoxes or cleanses as a quick fix (not least of all because any immediate effects of that kind of shock to the system aren't particularly sustainable), but as a way to kickstart a new phase in my life. We're all super aware by this point that I'm very into symbolic fresh starts, and for me the easiest way to settle myself into a new routine of taking care of myself properly is to start with a bang. 

I'm very into juicing in general, but I tend to view it as a supplemental way to get some of the nutrientz I otherwise might be lacking so as not to contract scurvy, rather than an alternative to food. Like I'll wake up in the morning and have a baller pint of juice, but that's because otherwise I probably wouldn't be bothered to eat properly until after lunch time and I feel like it's better to down some liquified greens than nothing. Similarly, if I'm feeling borderline hungry in the afternoon but not enough to actually eat anything before dinner, the juicing hour is upon us.  

Usually once I'm in this routine things run pretty smoothly; I get to have my pizza and nugz without feeling lethargic and bloated so everybody wins. But every so often I get stuck in a cycle of eating everything in the entire world with nerry a veg in sight, and a brief foray into the world of juice cleansing is a good way to shut that down asap. I'll usually try and ease myself into it by eating reasonably healthy the day before, then do a proper run of just Pressed Juices for one full day before easing myself back into healthier solids and homemade juices til I get to a balance I'm happy with.

Generally Pressed Juices recommend their cleanses to take place over 3 or 5 days, but I'm not doing it to try and lose weight and I'm not super down with the idea of shocking my body like that for no real reason, plus by 4pm on the first day I am ready to smackabitch for some toast so I stick to one. One day I might have a crisis and try the full monty but until then, I'm chill with using it as a springboard for a more sustainable readjustment. I'd recommend Pressed Juices as a company, although they are slightly expensive, but don't feel like you need to follow the cleanse exactly as it's laid out. Use your own discretion and pay attention to your personal tastes. For instance don't pick one smashed full of grapefruit if you hate grapefruit, and my personal tip would be to make sure there is some kind of apple or other sweet fruit in your green juices because without it they are a bloody 'mare to get down.

Secondly, I typically have relatively decent skin but at the end of last year it just went to absolute shit for some reason I do not understand, and by January I was 180% over it so I ordered the Ms Soho Beautitox. Similarly to the juices, I didn't expect them to be the complete solution to my problem, but I did notice an improvement as the days went on and going through the full cycle definitely acted as a bit of a reset button. When it ended I was careful to stick to a really consistent set of skincare products and it's worked an absolute treat, my friends. All is well once more on ma face.

I don't know how much of the overall improvement is actually due to the masks themselves (they're definitely targeted more towards rejuvenating your skin rather than tackling bigger issues), but they took on the same role as the juices in that they acted as a starting point for a better routine. I would recommend them 100% if you're feeling a bit dull or tired and just want a bit of a facial pep up/general radiance boost, but don't expect them to erase every single issue on your face. If nothing else, the packaging is hella cute.

So those are the two specific detoxes that I dabbled in over the course of January. Definitely #noragretz, I would use both of them again. Let me know if you've got any favourite detox products because I'm always up for a gimmick. x0