Gotta Get Down

Happy Friday sweet angels. I am having a very calm morning before I go out for the afternoon, and I thought that since I've already filled you in on most of what's being going on this week I'd revisit an old fav for this week's catch up post.

Making: My way through this crazy mixed up world xx Also a rough outline for a book I'm planning.
Cooking: Bolognese for later tonight. Luvz it.
DrinkingChinese Sencha green tea from T2. Like every other minute of my life for the last month.
Reading: This month's ELLE
Wanting: It to rain and for my head to stop hurting I'm drinking enough water mum I swear
Looking: Probably quite tired but overall reasonably presentable
Playing: Hay Day. Hay Day. Always Hay Day.
Wasting: My life playing Hay Day.
Wishing: I had a lot a LOT of money so that I could carry out all my grand plans without actually having to work first
Enjoying: The morning, because by this afternoon the heat wave is going to be back and I am not looking forward to that at all.
Waiting: For my tea to cool down so I can drink it and for it to bloody RAIN PLEASE ATMOSPHERE
Watching: Celebrity Big Brother
Liking: Everything I'm currently reblogging on tumblr. So pretty.
Wondering: How there is an entire series of Grand Designs that I haven't seen. Straight up how.
Loving: lyf 2k15 tbph with u
Hoping: I can maintain things the way they're going
Marvelling: At how clean the entire apartment is right now. Well done, me. Also a bunch of pictures of different places in Europe that I want to go. More on that tomorrow.
Needing: To do some grocery shopping hashtag adulthood but really I'm almost out of cheese and I can't allow that to happen.
Smelling: Green tea and Hypnotic Poison by Dior
Wearing: As little as possible because this city is about to become a furnace
Following: My instincts and hoping for the best xx text it
Noticing: That one of my eyes is kind of itchy but I can't rub it because it'll mess up my makeup
Knowing: Most things, really. Quite wise. 22 now didn't you hear.
Thinking: I should probably get a wriggle on or I'm going to be late
FeelingSlightly tired physically but very awake in my brain. Also very warm. But also cold bc I'm now sitting in front of the fan. This is a very stressful time.