Movie Marathon

Since I have been struck down by influenza (it sounds so much more dramatic like that) I have decided to migrate from my bed to the couch and have myself a movie marathon. "But Maddi, what are you going to watch?" Obviously going to tell you, aren't I.

Bright Star
This is the heaviest of the bunch, and it's mainly here because I haven't seen it in ages and I remember there being nice scenery. I am so old. If you are not familiar, 'tis about John Keats and his relationship with Fanny Brawne towards the end of his life. This came out around the same time that we studied Keats in year 12 lit, which I think made me a bit more interested in it than I would have been otherwise, along with the fact that I've visited his death house in Rome. However that reminds me that this is a freaking sad movie and I don't know if I'm emotionally stable enough for that right now so we shall proceed with caution.

I think the last time I watched this was in Ireland, and I don't think we made it through the whole thing but either George, Dan or Jake pointed out that at one point you can actually see Tarzan's dead parents which I HAD SOMEHOW MANAGED TO MISS AS A SMALL AND INNOCENT CHILD. Lads lads lads. This list is quite heavy on the nostalgia because being sick necessitates a certain level of comfort viewing, but regardless there's always room for a solid bit of Philly C. Neurotic elephants and a strong drum beat. What more could you ask for?

Angust, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
Heavy contender for my favourite movie of all time. I literally kept this in my tv for probably a solid year and watched it every day after school. I can quote it back to front and was very in love with Aaron Johnson. You know, before he went off and married a 40 year old and grew a four musketeers goatee. The books are also A+ and are probably quite resemblant of something I will end up writing in the future. God bless you, Georgia Nicolson. I see more of myself in you than I am comfortable with.

What A Girl Wants
I miss London. I love Amanda Bynes. The soundtrack is fab. It also stars Colin Firth aka my dad, so bonus points for that.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
This is arguably the darkest of the Disney movies in my opinion. Like it is hardcore messed up. I used to love it when I was little (as we can all probably remember from my snazzy sleepwear a few posts back) but then there was a really long stretch of time when I didn't watch it at all so it still feels like a bit of an adventure nowadayz, as opposed to Hercules or Mulan which I could probably transcribe line by line. Still got the comforting element going for it though. Disturbing, but comforting.

Do I even need to explain? Anastasia is fantastic.

Letters to Juliet
If What A Girl Wants covers me missing London, this one's got Italy down. It is a typical Amanda Seyfried romcom, and I say that with all the affection in the world. One time I watched this with people who were dicks about it like they were expecting freaking Scorsese and I got properly pissed at them. Still mad, tbh. I take this movie very personally. The first time I saw this it was at the cinema with my friend Ruby and we had what was to become our signature contrasting responses of me being like "oh I'm so excited for when my life is like that" and her saying "I'm going to die alone." Solo death aside, she is the female version of Amanda's character's foreign BF, Victor in terms of their relationship with and response to food. Also Charlie is hot.

So that is what I shall be watching. I think I've struck a good balance of nostalgia and european longing, but holler at me if you have any good recommendations of movies to watch when you're sick. Or when you're not. Because I do plan on getting better at some point.