Visionary Updates

You know what they say - new year, new vision board. As discussed in my previous post on this topic, my idea of a vision board does not completely coincide with the traditional method but is instead based around things that make me feel motivated in one way or another when I see them. This means that while I do include the occasional tangible object or inspirational quote, for the most part my board will consist of seemingly meaningless photos from my tumblr that I personally extract some kind of meaning from via vague and often convoluted association. In any case, I'm currently in the process of mixing and matching some old and new elements on a new board, and thought I'd share with you what's striking my fancy this time around.

One thing I have notice popping up more often is landscapes. Pictures of hillsides and lakes and a whole lot of rain are, first of all, pretty to look at, but they also provide me with various feelings of warmth and aspiration, both of which spur me on to Get Shit Done. For instance, Rainy Pisa up there on the right (aka my favourite photo right now) makes me want to sit in an Italian cafe and write a book, which makes me want to work hard so I can get to the point where that is a thing that I can do with my life. In a sustainable way. Not just like for two weeks in June.

That pretty road reminds me of a time when I was very happy, and makes me want to do things to obtain that particular situation again, which is a very vague explanation because let's be real the extended version probably involves me being creepy but rest assured it is very specific in my head. The quote is one that I really like because I'm definitely a fan of the idea of doing one thing very, very well instead of a bunch of things on a mediocre level, and when I start to feel overwhelmed by all the things I want to do it flips a little switch in my head that makes them seem more attainable.

The other two pictures make me want to get my life together overall. I'm hella into creating a living space that's conducive to a good mental state at the moment, because for me in order to feel like my mind is clear and I can properly be productive I need everything to be a certain way. Like I won't light a specific candle until my room is 100% clean and organised, I can't write a book outline if my bed isn't made... everything has a process and certain things have aesthetic/organisational prerequisites. Beyond that, I just like things to look nice. The chocolate milk or whatever is going on there is on a level of pinteresty homemaking that would require me to have decluttered my entire life before even buying the bottles, and that makes me want to clean. The blanket (or possibly scarf) 1. is of a nice quality, 2. makes me feel like making my bed, making some tea and writing and 3. reminds me of how hard I do not want to have an office job. Those last two are handy feelings to harness when the only person in charge of you getting your work done is yourself. Side note, somebody find and purchase for me a throw blanket of this consistency please and thank you.

Rainy Pompeii is similar to rainy Pisa, but with more of an educational twist. As much as I love spending my time in Europe wandering around taking selfies and trying different combinations of gelato, I also love museums. And ruins. I love ruins so much it makes me sick, but I guess when you look at the fact that my dad is fluent in several dead languages and I spent my childhood reading Usborne encyclopaedias of the ancient world it makes a bit of sense. When I look at this it reminds me of the fact that while Australia is gr8 overall, I just do not care on any level about our history. I just don't. I hated Australian History at school, and considering I went on to study history as one of my majors at uni I think that says a lot. Long story long, this photo says 'get yoself to Europe'.

The quote in the bottom lefthand corner is quite a poignant one for me, but in a less intense way than I think is probably intended. I don't think being happy and being comfortable are mutually exclusive, but considering I'm going through a Safe Choice vs. Goals phase at present it's a nice dose of perspective and a reminder not to be complacent. The other quote up the top I just like because it somehow makes adult life and aforementioned goals seem less daunting.

The picture of Venice has a similar effect to the other Italy photos, with the added bonus of it being my favourite city and the scene of many joyous times in my life, and wakes up the side of me that just wants to yolo it and go to the airport right now. But in order to do that we need money, don't we Madeleine. So for now it gets me through having to work like a normal, functional human being. 

I don't actually know what the breakfast tray does, but there's something going on. I think maybe it reminds me of where I want to be in life later on? Which is apparently in an expensive hotel. The last landscape reminds me of another time in my life when I was very happy, thinking about which makes me want to work hard in every single area. It also appeals to the Grand Designs/Escape to the Country side of me that has a very clear idea of a very modern house with very big windows looking out onto a very green countryside in which I very much plan to live when I'm older. But what do I need to do to get my Grand Design? Bloody work, isn't it. It's always work. Welcome to the real world, Maddi. You're gonna need a board full of pictures of various fields to get anything done.

Finally, these three are from one of my favourite days last year slash ever, when we were on our way back to the main island of Venice from Burano and there was a massive thunderstorm on the lagoon. These are going on there because they remind me of how tangible all the things I want actually are, as well as the fact that wanting a lot of things for the future doesn't mean that what's already going on isn't pretty dang fantastic too.

These have been my musings on a bunch of pictures. Stay tuned for more revelations as to just how unhinged I truly am. x0