Current Aesthetic

Everything is from Sportsgirl except Jacket - Zara // Scarf -  I think Accessorize // Shoes - KMart // Nail Polish - Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI // Accessories - No idea

Spring has sprung in the rest of the world, which means that down here I am finally livin' the jumper-clad dream. After a summer of trying to come into contact with as little fabric as possible, as soon as it gets cold (which realistically is still a temperature the UK would consider a heat wave, god bless) I am whipping out the layers and apparently going for a look I would describe as off-duty jet set/road trip chic. Lots of bikery details and elements but with a level of comfort in the materials and especially the footwear that would be appropriate for long periods of travel. I think this is perhaps a reflection of the fact that I have been thinking about airports and packing and moving to London pretty much 24/7.

My favourite thing at the moment is wearing my jackets like a cape so that I can feel particularly upper middle class, and being real I have also been wearing my jumpers tied around my shoulders on occasion but I still wouldn't class this phase as full country club. Because full country club is an aesthetic for the springtime. In other weather-related news it has finally started raining again and is meant to be stormy all weekend so I am absolutely amped about that, and I should get a lot of writing done for here, my book (which I have finished planning and actually started writing #holler) and for AVotT which will hopefully be back and running in June.

I've got a lot planned over the next few days, particularly related to youtube, so I should be checking in again soon. Lots of updates to be had. For now, though, I've started a new channel just for travel-related videos, and made an intro video for that which you can find here. I've watched it probably 30+ times already.