Taking Back Mondays

My thoughts on public attitude towards Mondays tend to align with the philosophy displayed in the hit TSwizzy song, Mean. Granted, it is hard to imagine a day of the week livin’ in a big ol’ city, but the sentiment remains pertinent. Everybody loves to hate on Mondays, but why? It’s not Monday’s fault you have a job, man. It’s not Monday’s fault the educational system is structured in such a way that you dread the idea of spending another five days expanding your intellectual horizons and learning about the upward mobility of the bourgeoisie in 18th century France. Mondays are just trying to chill between Sundays and Tuesdays and have a good time, yall. 
It's not Monday's fault you don't know how to see the sunshine through the clouds.

Luckily for you, I have developed a series of ways in which you can take the sting out of Mondays and quit being such a Debbie Downer.

Note: Not everybody's Mondays are actually on Monday. If you work in retail and have irregular weekends or just really dislike another day of the week, obviously apply these to whichever day you desire. Use ya noggin. I'm not your mother.

1. Use Your Sundays
There's a quote on my vision board that says "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content" and it is dang true. Using your Sundays to get everything sorted out for the week ahead takes an element of stress out of Monday. Clean your room, get on top of things you know you won't have time for otherwise and clear yo head. However, also make sure you still use your Sunday as a Sunday and do things you enjoy too or your hatred of Mondays will just leak over.

2. Get Organised
Leading on from the first point, make things as easy for your future self as you can. Write a bunch of lists, plan your week and take time to sort out everything else I have suggested on this wonderful list.

3. Get Enough Sleep
Everything is worse when you're tired.

4. Look Good/Wear Your Favourite Clothes
Everything is better when you look good.

5. Plan Something To Look Forward To
But don't get too ambitious. Planning to do something that takes a lot of effort like hittin' da clubs is going to be the last thing you want at the end of the day. Go to the movies, have coffee with someone you haven't seen in a while or invite some homies over to watch Vanilla Ice Goes Amish. Even out the dread with a bitta positive anticipation.

6. Reward Yourself For Getting Through it
This goes hand in hand with the last one and really depends on personal preference. Apparently it's bad to get in the habit of rewarding yourself with food but that makes me sad so we're going to ignore it. Personally I would probably buy a new item of clothing, go to Dymocks or order chicken pad thai, but if you don't want to spend money maybe have a hashtag pamper evening and download a movie you've been meaning to watch 4ev.

7. Make A Playlist
A designated pump up playlist, separate from any other similar ones you may have, with exclusively songs that make you smile real creepy when they come on. The kind you don't listen to too often and maybe make you feel like you're in the start of a romcom.

8. Use Social Media
If you manage to convince other people you're having an A+ fab time a bit of that will seep through into your own brain.

9. Be Productive
The easiest (reasonable) way in my mind to improve a shit day is to feel like you've used it well. Use your Monday. Suffer for a cause.

10. Don't Bloody Complain
Sometimes having a good old-fashioned bitching sesh about the hardships of life can be cathartic, but there comes a point where you're just harshing your own mellow and making your mood a lot worse than it needs to be. If you go into a day expecting it to be horrible then it probably will be. Don't be a dick. It's all about perspective.