Life Lately

Thought it was about time I checked in. Instead of wandering down the usual path of "oh I'm so busy but I swear I'm sorting out my life", perhaps this time we'll just jump straight to what actually HAS been happening. Which is a lot. The colossal transition that has been the last 18 months continues to unfold, and at this point things are finally beginning to take shape. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to balance everything - something I think I've probably mentioned in every single "sorry I'm MIA" post on here - and I'm pretty sure I've cracked it. For the first time I can remember I'm feeling completely on top of youtube and this blog, as well as my other projects, my social life, living out of home and my actual job. Gosh dang it yall, I think we're gonna be alright.

The move is what's taking up most of my mental energy at the moment. Everything I'm working on sort of comes back to it in one way or another (especially the hours in retail that I literally will myself through using the fact it's getting me to London) and the plans themselves are becoming more and more real and concrete. We've started looking at different areas to move to, deciding on dates and my friend Lauren (there will be a blog link here by next year, mark my words) has decided she feels like hollering at the mother country too, which is something I'm very excited about.

For the last few months I've been feeling a real creative block. I've been wanting to do so many things that they were overlapping and making me feel overwhelmed, and I just didn't have enough energy or ideas to support them all, but over the last week it's pretty much fallen into place. That's something that's been happening a lot, things falling into place, and I genuinely think a lot of it is to do with my mindset. Fiona and I have been focusing a lot on positive thought and visualisation and trusting the universe and a bunch of other things that sound like nothing/straight up batshit nuts but are actually proving very effective, and I'm having a whale of a time. Also we did tarot cards the other day and their advice has thus far been quite spot on. Thank u, occult. Much appresh.

Basically, if this week were a line from a song that I don't think I've ever listened to in its entirety but nonetheless have heard about a thousand times, it would be "I can see clearly now, the rain has gone." And as much as I normally love rain in all situations and variations, this is a very positive thing indeed.

In other news, today I had coffee with my friend Bethany who is currently 30 weeks pregnant and she has pretty much put me off ever wanting to have a child because apparently pregnancy is the single most horrific experience I have ever, ever had the misfortune to hear about. Texted my mum so disturbed that she had to call me to tell me to chill out. So that's a great time. Felt the baby move, too, and it was exactly like in my nightmares so I'm sure my slumber tonight will be restful and sweet. Off to do that now. God bless us all.

Ps. Got a bunch of my hair chopped off this morning to make it healthier and as a result I am going to be having a crisis pretty much consistently until it all grows back, so we can all look forward to that.