The queen of last-minute international flights strikes again. I am currently 33,998 feet in the air somewhere over the Indian Ocean on my way to Ireland. At this point the child next to me has finally decided to sleep somewhere other than my lap, I only need to pee probably a 5/10 and I’ve just started watching The Jungle Book for the first time in maybe a decade, so I’d say we’re going alright. If you follow me on any form of social media you’ve probably seen me complaining about wanting to get out of Melbourne at least six or seven times a week over the last few months, and as I am a being of action I have finally taken matters into my own hands and fled the country. Well my own hands and also Jake’s because I’m staying at his house but that sentence just doesn’t flow as nicely, does it. Syntax.

It’s only just hit me that I’m actually going. To be precise, it hit me about an hour ago while I was watching Spongebob. I had just downed a terrible airplane coffee, thought about the fact that this plane is actually going somewhere and FREAKED. THE EFF. OUT. That’s the thing with last minute travel decisions – when you book your flights eight days in advance you don’t have a whole lot of time to process your decisions and sometimes you end up giving yourself an excitement stroke while you’re hurtling through the sky. Not a real stroke though. Mum gave me some aspirin for that before my flight because she’s concerned about my various in-seat contortions not being enough to ward off DVT so my blood should be suitably thin right now. Full disclosure the aspirin made me feel a bit out of it so did start to wonder if she’d maybe slipped me some proper drugs instead to get me to chill out, like that time when I was 15 and she tried to get me to do a shot in the car before I went to get an injection. Just sayin, for a woman who does not appreciate ANY level of joking about me doing bath salts on a Sunday afternoon she sure does like to dope up her only child. …This is where I think we all realise I have no idea what this post is actually meant to be about.

The Jungle Book is very boring so far. I think I might swap to a documentary about King Tut. Yeah, solid choice. Fun fact I’m on a massive Ancient Egypt kick at the moment (due largely to one of the two video games Jake and I are definitely going to create regardless of whether or not he realises I’m serious yet, stay tuned for that) so this is very convenient.

Normal life lately has been pretty much non-stop work, which is great for saving and is the reason I was actually able to come on this trip, but oh god it is terrible for everything else, especially this blog. I’ve done pretty well at keeping up with youtube videos, but folding shirts for nine hours a day is not particularly conducive to the kind of mindset I need to be in to write so this has just been sitting on the backburner. However, I have been planning a lot so hopefully having a couple of weeks off and being completely out of my routine for a bit will be what I need to turn those plans into actual content. Plus I just really love Ireland so if nothing else that should put me in a good enough mood to do some solid rambling.

I have been paying absolutely no attention to this documentary whatsoever and I’m going to try to capitalise on the fact that I’m in a productive mood right now and try to get some more planning done, so I shall love you and leave you but I should be seeing you again very soon. Very soon. That is a reassurance to you and a threat to myself. I also really need to sleep. Alright. Good chat. X0.  

P.S. I'm going to Summer In The City