The Last Trip

I'm flying to Indonesia tomorrow and I haven't even finished unpacking from Ireland. 
Such is life. Such am I. Such is this valid indication that I am still somewhat in denial about being back.

I don't even know where to start talking about the last few weeks because I'm still processing it all myself, so I thought that I'd just fang some pictures together and see what comes out. 

I love Ireland. I really love it. In my mind it's just a very calming place to be, where everything is green and naturey and you can actually see the stars at night. Speaking of which, we lay out on the trampoline to watch the meteor shower and it. was. sick. Asked the universe some extremely important questions and was delivered very clear answers so shout out to our moon cult and the fact that I am batshit nuts for that one.

On the Monday after Summer In The City we hung out near the river for a bit and the clouds were making Parliament look EXACTLY my aesthetic so I was hella keen to take some sick pix of it for my insty but then Jake wouldn't let me go across the bridge to do that because he thought we'd be late for the airport (spoiler alert we weren't) and I was PISSED. He was all 'you're going to live here in four months' and I was all 'are u kiddin me'. Super over it now though. Super over it. Totally fine.

Jake and I were both pretty much exactly the same brand of douchebag as children so it is not particularly surprising that these were our immediate default poses when faced with the prospect of a photo atop a fort.

This photo does it no justice. The whole way up the hill I was just staring out the window with my mouth open, to a score provided by the mellifluous tones of Bonnie Tyler, Europe and Starship's 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now'. Also I'm pretty sure later this night we played some game with a bunch of dice in a cup and it got HEATED I will tell you that. That was a grand day.

FUN FACT I think I'm getting better at flying again. Thank u Jesus. 

The flight back over from London was one of the prettiest I've ever been on and I got some A+ timelapses so you can look forward to those in an upcoming video if I manage to get my life together enough to film.

Someone who shall remain nameless was in a RIGHT old mood when I took this, but I was just super frickin pleased to be in London so I didn't even care and was just wandering ahead soaking in the #ambiance. I took this when we were crossing the street and chucked it straight up on insty. London, like the clouds and the #purp you will see below, is generally quite in keeping with my aesthetic.

I don't really know what these make me think of. I mean I obviously do because I'm thinking it in my head but there isn't anything I wish to disclose apart from the fact that while I was in South Kensington I met up with my friend Riley and found out that apparently Little Mix come into his work all the time and he doesn't even CARE. MATE.

Second photo is a perfect example of the fact that I am yet to find a location in Jake's life that isn't ridiculously picturesque.

On my last night in Ireland we went on a really blessed nature walk, on which we recorded some extremely artistic snapchat videos, and I specifically requested we stop so that I could take a picture of this 'picturesque rock pile'. Stand by it.
Check out those sheep.

"Surveying My Kingdom" is literally the only appropriate caption to accompany this photo.

The clouds on the flight from Belfast to London were exactly my aesthetic and I appreciated it a lot.

Was also very, very happy to see my friend Gary for the first time in at least a year and a half. SitC for me was the first time I'd seen most of my UK friends since at least December 2013 and having so many of them in one place made me feel slightly more comfortable with the fact that I am going to be leaving so many people here when I move. Obviously it's going to be different, but when you've got friends that you only get to see once or twice a year the idea of being around them whenever you want to is VERY EXCITING.

Absolutely luvin the purp at the moment, especially nature purp. This specific evening there was purple all over the place and I was overjoyed. It was also nice to finally be properly acquainted with Lough Swilly after its timeless cameo in this video last year.

I can not express how right it felt to be in London. I did not want to leave. I've never wanted to leave, but in the past it's been mainly because I didn't want to leave people and this time I just didn't want to not be there. We're moving so soon and this mini-trip was a complete confirmation for me that it's 100% the right decision, although I am now feeling extraordinarily impatient.

I truly believe that one day this photo of myself and Dan doing a rap squat with Pikachu will reside in a museum. Rightfully so.

One of the fantastic things about business class is that they give you free champagne. And the fantastic thing about the champagne is that it's Veuve so I actually enjoy it. Sorry not sorry. I'm not going to pretend to enjoy prosecco. That's just not what I'm about.

Blinky Bill and my jolly self hangin' out on top of an ancient druid fort. Would be a baller locashe for some witchcraft.

I am so excited for my hair to grow back you do not even know. Beyond that, what a beautiful family portrait we have here on the left.
I just ate like a lottttt of onion rings and am feeling quite sick now so these captions are going to go downhill fast.

Again with the purp. Derry is so pretty. I did already think it was pretty last time but one night we took a quick stroll while we were waiting to pick up pizza and everything just looked so. nice. You can see it a little bit in the photo below this but there's something about the way the buildings are just chillin' on the hills that really appeals to me on a visual level, and I would like to commend them on the colour choice re: floral arrangements because it compliments the nature purp just divinely. 

Every single one of these photos makes me very happy.
That's all I've got.
I also ate a lot of chips.

I do not know if it is possible to drive to continental Europe from Northern Ireland but if there is a way then I am heavily advocating the mobilisation of this camper van around the entirety of Italy in the very near future.

And finally we have where I will be once more by this time tomorrow. #JetsetLyf.

On that note I need to go and maybe think about packing because that is a thing that I have not yet started. Enjoying/appreci8in' your responses to my last post, so I shall see what I can come up with over the next month. Hopefully I'll have some A+ Indonesia content comin atcha soon. x0