My Entire Life: A Summary

It would seem I have rawther a lot to update you on, sweet bloglings. Fun fact: my inclination to say 'rawther' comes directly from one of the purest and most enduring influences in my life, Eloise. Did any of you read Eloise books growing up? Do you watch Eloise At Christmastime every year? Am I alone in this? Almost certainly not. Innywho (a term coined purely by my magnificent self), I come to you today slightly tipsy from a Starbucks, following a bout of forced socialising at work, and I am ready to update you on my life. Quite a number of happenings have unfolded over the past month, absolutely in keeping with the predictions I have been making re: August pretty much all year. To really condense it, I went back to Melbourne after existing in quite a date-heavy phase of my London life and accidentally left with a boyfriend, returned 100% sure I would be living out the next few years in the UK but am now quite convinced I shall be shifting hemispheres again at some point in early 2018, and half moved into a new house before deciding no thx buddy and moving back to the original one. 

That may not seem like a huge amount of changes, but think of the gravity of starting a month Single-n-Datin' in London where you intend to stay for the foreseeable future and ending it in a serious relationship with a blonde Australian you met at uni (three things literally no one especially me saw coming for a serious relationship on my end) planning to move back to the motherland. It's a lot. It is an absolute heck tonne of a lot. 

Remember when I said I was slightly tipsy? Massive understatement. I am honestly a bit off my balls in this Starbz rn. But it's fine. I'm mainly avoiding getting the tube at this point and I'm doing that successfully so all sunshine n daisies over here. Is that the phrase? Don't care. Something great, speaking of fragrances (just tried to spell it "phragrances"), that happened recently is that Steph and Bez (who I work with) and I took ourselves off to the giant Lush on Oxford St last week and I stocked the HECK UP. I have a really beautiful talent for matching bath bombs and bath melts and creating heartwarming combos for the most well-planned of bathing experiences. So I've been having some very expertly scented relaxing baths of late. Should we maybe go back a bit further than last week's Lush trip? Probably hey. Let's go.

So up there is Will, who you may remember from such posts as Graduation, now apparently otherwise known as my boyfriend. I am still very confused as to how he has managed to swing this, but I'm going along with it for now. Basically a whole fairytale (think Brothers Grimm, not Disney. it was very confusing and torment-ridden) unfolded over the LESS THAN 2 WEEKS I was home, which concluded in him flying to Perth to seal the dastardly deal, and now we are Going Steady. Involved. FBO. Not actually FBO, I've been married to Sara on Facebook for like 10 years now and I don't plan on changing that. But you get the drift. If this has come out of nowhere for you, trust me. Samezies. At least as out of nowhere as it can get when you've both liked each other on and off to varying extents for the past three and a half years. So not out of nowhere per se but I did NOT see it coming. Truly. I. did not. I have now moved seats in Starbz and it's really throwing me off. Also confused about how I managed to drink SO much out of a tiny plastic cup at a work event in our kitchen. Yolo I guess.

Apart from being In Love™, one great thing that's come out of this whole relationship lark is that William is coming to visit in just over a month and we are going on a grand adventure to my FAVOURITE PLACE. Y'ALL KNOW. Y'ALL KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN. VENEZIA. BELLA VENEZIA. MY ONE TRUE LOVE. I can NOT WAIT. We're flying into Milan and spending the day there, then spending the weekend in Venice and I am AMPED. Have I been to Venice with two of my exes? Yes. Am I mildly concerned there may be some sort of curse involved? Naturally. Will we have to wait and see if this seemingly picturesque venture is the ultimate undoing of what has the potential to be a life-long devotion? U bet. Can't wait. We may also be popping over to Brussels for a few hours depending on when Will's flight gets in, but you'll have to wait for the haps on that one. As will I. What a thrill. What. A. Thrill.

Seriously though, the last 6 weeks in my life have been flippin wild. Made even wilder by the fact that I couldn't have predicted any of the specifics in a thousand years but I also 100% called it. I have video evidence and multiple screenshots of me saying months ago that I had a feeling August was going to be an insane month of rapid change that would ultimately set the stage for a permanent settling down and BAM. Thank u Moon Cult. Thank you sharp af instincts. Thank you childlike wonder still allowing me to believe I definitely have some level of magical powers at the age of 24. In fact I have absolute faith that they will only grow stronger with time. At this stage I have predicted 2 pregnancies, plus this month and also willed a plethora of events and realities into existence so the next logical step is finally being able to turn on a light with my mind. Leggo. Child's play. 

Naturally, with this series of new developments comes an arsenal of new challenges and excitements. From the previously-unexplored possibility of moving home and actually living somewhere nice with disposable income, to the fact I now need to tie up several loose ends in the various musical emotional avenues down which I have been strolling over the past however many years, I've got a lot of art to craft and a lot of pinterest boards to populate. Canny w8, brethren. Canny. w8. I also have a whole lot of blogging to do, and I'm so heckin ready. I always actively miss writing when I stop for a bit. Making videos I could probably take or leave, like I do very much plan to take, but I don't miss it in the visceral way I do when I haven't recently written colloquially about the intricacies of my own life for others to ingest. I frickin love writing, guys. I love writing and scheming and telling people what to do, and I love crafting brand identities and sending harsh business emails, so I'm thinking I should meld those passions into some sort of lucrative career. Watch this space. Jk. Not gonna re-edit this post when I become a mogul. Watch my actual life u saddo. Love u. So much. So sorry. Not a saddo. Very special precious talented individual who can READ! You can read. And I'm so proud of you. Guys how the heck did I get white girl wasted at like 4pm on a Monday within the literal confines of my actual office. Employable skills abound.

I have actually missed writing to you so much. It's pretty bloody clear innit. Ready to pour my entire brain out before thee. For some reason that sentence reminded me of the fact that whilst I was home I saw Millsy in Jesus Christ Superstar and if you're not Australian I'm really sorry I just can't explain Millsy, and if you are omg guys I have been in love with him for straight up 14 years and I am not slowing down. If I have not yet mentioned (defs have), I did work experience at Wicked in year 10 when he was playing Fiyero and spent the entire week just out of my damn mind, and considering I was a creepy 15 year old he was next level amazingly nice to me, which I have only fully processed as a Real Life Adult, and which makes him even more near & dear to my heart. Put succinctly in the words of my boyfriend (LOL WUT) when I made him answer the questionnaire at a baby shower I went to last weekend, "your celebrity crush is Millsy but he's quite attainable for you so I'm not sure how I feel about it still". Bloody love Millsy. P sure I could get a free pass for that situation. We haven't spoken about it, but come on. Come on.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I had originally intended this post to be about the magical selection of days I spent in Perth on my way back to L0nd0n, but mate, it's really gotten away from me a bit hey. It was a frabulous time, don't get me wrong. I got to see Sussy and meet her rat son Seth, meet my other godsister's actual human son Teddy (pictured below he is the actual most precious angel on this earth), see my grandparents and decide last minute that I was actually a hundo percent down for a bitta monog w/ William. Really cut it close, won't lie. I flew out of Melbourne like "damn I like him but this certainly is not continuing once I am back in London, absolutely not, no sir", then we lasted about 10 maybe 12 hours before he had booked flights to Perth for the next day after work. After spending a single day driving from Freo to Pinjarra and back I was like nah buddy, we can date. U win. Claim ur prize. And now we're getting married. Nuts. Not literally getting married. Well very possibly but not literally engaged so it's just conjecture at this point. Let's leave it a bit hey. Breathe.

Look at this ANGEL.

Anywizzle, my laptop is on 4% and I really need to pee so I'm gonna skedaddle, but I have missed you. I have missed you with my whole heart and I have so much dang creativity to unleash right now so I sure do hope I get it together and pop back soon. I think a smart thing to do would probably be to get all the photos from my LAST trip to Venice up before I go again in a month. That would be wise. Will I manage it? Let's see. Let us all see together. If you find yourself here via a love of my infrequent yet frabulous videos, 1. I am so sorry and 2. I will be getting back to that soon. I actually have a video that I filmed 2 months ago to edit, so we'll start there, but yes. As you can infer I have had a lot going on. Gonna try and have less going on for a bit though and get back to #cReAtiNg. Let them brain blessings flow free.

That is all for now. I will speak to u in the near, near future. My patient, literate angels. Ta ta. xx