My Laptop Broke And So Did I.

After successfully setting my new life of accomplishment off to quite a roaring start following this post, my productivity quickly hit perhaps the most inconvenient roadblock possible, in the form of my sweet, precious Macbook deciding it no longer desired to function. That was almost two weeks ago, and despite having finally managed to get an appointment this weekend to have it sent off I am still to be without my heart and soul for at least another few days. Pretty much everything I need to do at the moment involves the use of my computer and/or something stored therewithin, so this interruption of my Grand Plan was not something I took well. Bit of a meldown guvna. 

On the last day of year nine we had to hand back our middle school laptops over summer so that they could give us new ones for the start of year ten. I came home from school that afternoon, didn't know what to do with myself and fell asleep on my floor for several hours. My reaction this time around was similar, in that I did have a bit of a tantrum and nap my way through the 26th and 27th of April, but luckily for us all I have grown as a person since the age of fourteen AND since the end of April, and am now ready to proceed with my life.

Despite the disaster of the millennium, I actually had quite a productive week and a half following my first post in this series. My vision board, life detox lists and the CREATION if not concrete implementation of my morning and night routines are all done. The waking up thing went well and also poorly. I managed a week of waking up like a normal human and being productive, but after the laptop fiasco I slept for the best part of three days so jury's still out on that one. Better than it was, needs improvement. ALL my life admin is done. Enrolled to vote (7 years late please don't fine me I've done it now), registered as a sole trader and immaculately filed every single important document and piece of paperwork I have. SO satisfying. Perhaps most importantly, as it was one of my primary goals, my website is almost done. This is one of the things I've completely abandoned in the last week due to aforementioned technical difficulties, but I only have one page left to go before it's finished. Even better, I've done the majority of the actual work for it already, I just need to sort out the formatting. Very happy with that, but also happy to take a bit of a head clearing break from it for now. Building a website and a business plan from scratch in two weeks is quite difficult when you have never done either one before. Luckily I am a wunderkind and also Squarespace exists.

Moving on to more creative endeavours, I had also managed to get my blog slightly ahead of schedule in the first week but SURPRISINGLY it is DIFFICULT to create POSTS without a COMPUTER. I'm doing it now by borrowing Will's laptop like a big boy, but considering I have zero access to photoshop and most of the images I wanted to use for my next few posts are GUESS WHERE, my small (large, extended) tantrum and its inclusion of a flat out refusal to be resourceful was a teeny tiny bit justified. Maybe not justified, but understandable. Regardless, I'm ready to be resourceful now okay, I just needed to jazz it out for a bit. Everyone I inform of my plight is like 'why don't you use icloud' and I'm like 'because I don't want someone to hack in and steal all my very important files', but then I also am aware that my phone is spying on me 24/7 and that honestly doesn't bother me really at all because I don't think the government is really fussed with me and I'd rather they spy on everyone and stop bad guys than me be able to keep my shopping habits personal ya know but I digress.

One huge positive that's come from my forced technological sabbatical is that it's given me some mental space to step back and decompress while my subconscious organises all my priorities in the background. Jumping in and doing so many things so quickly was great in terms of getting me out of my rut and getting the wheels in motion, but it was also a bit overwhelming so I'm glad I've had a break and can now just be excited to get started again. The goals I'd originally set myself for May are a bit up in the air now, so I'll probably just post a proper roundup at the end of the month instead of setting them out now, but I have been keeping myself mildly busy in the meantime so I don't feel as though I'm too far behind. My main goal for the next week is to really familiarise myself with my long term goals and create clear steps to reach them, and get back into creating the good habits and routines I'd started last month. Additionally, I've been making an effort to be more social with people other than Will (although he was also home sick for all of last week to entertain me) and it's going rawther well, so that's something to continue.

The point of this post was mainly to reassure you that I'm not pulling a Classic Me and disappearing for months on end, just working through some Techy Difs, so I'm going to cut things off now and come back with something a big more structured next time. Hopefully Apple pulls through in a speedy fashion and I can get back on track A$AP. Til then, many blessinz x0x0