Right This Second: Very, Very Early

In a throwback to the glory days of this blessed blog, today marks the spontaneous return of everyone's favourite micro-diary segment, Right This Second!

Right this second, in my apartment at approximately 7:06am, I am...

Making: Multiple different lists of goals and tasks simultaneously.
Cooking: Something involving chicken breast, likely in the next few hours, although what I really want is pesto pasta with feta so who knows if I will be responsible and adhere to prioritising the more perishable items in my refrigerator. I know what you're thinking - 'Use the chicken in the pasta, Madeleine!' - but then we'd be down a full dish in my weekly meal plan and that would not fly. Can't mess with the meal plan. I regularly mess with the meal plan.
Drinking: Nothing but I am about to get up and acquire tea, coffee and water. I like to have multiple beverages on the go at all times.
Reading: My saved draft posts to get my head around what I had in progress before I hecked off & figure out what I want to present to my sweet, sweet fans in 2020
Wanting: For my sleep schedule to naturally adhere to the constraints of Modern Society
Looking: Like a full meal. It is 7am, I have not slept at all.
Wasting: Honestly nothing rn which is very beautiful and freeing to realise x
Wishing: I had budgeted for a Body Shop order bc I want new face masks. Several and immediately.
Enjoying: The fact it is beginning to get light outside, #bluedawn à la Caroline Calloway
Waiting: For the sun to entirely emerge so I can turn the lights off and open the windows
Watching: Nothing currently but I do have an episode of Coffee and Crime Time with Stephanie Harlowe lined up
Liking: True crime youtube videos, a LOT, which is interesting because I used to be heavy into true crime and murderers but then I got too aware of my own mortality for a couple of years there and couldn't even think about it but then my anxiety came back HARDCORE for a little bit and weirdly that drowned out the part of my brain that couldn't handle true crime and here we are! Anxiety lower, true crime still ok!
Wondering: How long I will last until an ill-advised, longer than intended midday nap
Loving: Our apartment, will get pics 4 u soon
Hoping: I get some more work done before my nap
Marvelling: At the fact I've concentrated long enough to get this far without switching tabs
Needing: To clean literally every room
Smelling: Nothing, we are having a v neutral morning
Wearing: Some fetching lounge pants with zebras on them that I have had for many years and washed out of shape, also a hoodie I got when I worked at Superdry in 2016 and a stunning low ponytail to complete the look.
Playing: NOT Sims 4! I am exercising restraint and this week I will only allow myself to tinker with imaginary lives when I am not meant to be working or asleep.
Following: Caroline Calloway's Close Friends content yes that's right I joined Patreon and paid $2 specifically and exclusively for this purpose and I have no regrets whatsoever. She is a visionary, a pioneer of personally branded digital content and at least 30% the same kind of crazy as I am.
Noticing: My ponytail is starting to annoy me
Knowing: I really, truly need to sort out my sleep
Thinking: Even if I succeed it will go back to nocturnal within four days
Feeling: Unfounded optimism that perhaps this time I will make it last.