Hello Again.

Hello sweet bbz. I abandoned you again. However, I have just escaped the inevitable mid-semester death week of last minute essays and articles, PStrattz is asleep and I have apparently contracted some kind of plague which is preventing me from joining him in the happy land of the unconscious, so I have returned. The last month-ish has been quite eventful but also pretty normal. For the most part, and a large part of why I haven't made a video in like three months, I've just been enjoying the novelty of actually having Patrick here while I do, which means HazPot marathons and hanging out with my friends and engaging in important cultural experiences like the footy. We took full advantage of Ruby's MCC membership and went to the Essendon vs. Melbourne "match" a few weeks ago. I have placed the word match in quotation marks because we (Essendon) thrashed them by almost 140 points s0o0o0o0o0o0o that was enjoyable and humorous. We had to reiterate several times that this was not how normal games went and that usually there are two teams playing. Lul. Srzli though it was ridiculous. After the game Pattycakes and I popped home to get changed and then met everyone else at the most indie bar of all indie bars, which is saying a lot in Melbourne, to see a band play because Ruby wished to court the drummer. Legit though this place had couch cushions on the floor and indigenous artwork everywhere and the lead singer of the band was wearing a silk leopard print shirt and a Lakers cap. Indie. So indie. Almost as indie as the guy I saw listening to a record player on the tram the other day.
True story, I wrote about it for uni.

Another swell and dandy happening is that 'tis the season to be turning 21. My main response to this is that it's fucked up that we're this old (it's aiight I have til January), closely followed by 'woo free alcohol'. The 'woo free alcohol' is winding down a bit now due to too many consecutive weekends befriending too many consecutive glasses of wine. Over the last 7 or so years we have made our way through the turbulent pubescent seas of passion pop, UDL, cruisers, breezers and straight spirits, and have now moved on for the most part to white wine because it makes ya look classy and it gets the job done. I say mostly because there is still the occasional incident involving the churning whirlpool that is absinthe but I digress. Actually now that I'm pondering my alcoholism imma put it out there that I've become rather partial to a jack and coke but that is not usually on the table at a supplied 21st unless you want to open a tab and I don't want to do that because I like money. INNYWHO, the point of this is that I have been quite social and we should all be proud because this couch is really comfy and it'd be super swell to stay here fo'eva, but I have been normal and not done that.

Also PStrattz came to one such shindig with me the other week, which was jungle themed so naturally I was in my monkey onesie and he wore my shark one because bull sharks have been found in the Amazon and also costumes take effort. Prior to this he'd met probably most of my main friends, but on this one night in his onesie he was exposed to pretty much the entirety of one of the groups of peeps I have befriended over the years (I could draw a hekkerz vendiagram of all the different groups) and he managed to trick them into not hating him so kudos, PDiddy, kudos to you.

We also had our 5 month anniversary (only not anniversary cos pretty sure that is specific to years and I rli dislike that word just fyi unless it is meshed with another one like in friendaversary) which we would have celebrated if we were obnoxious and also less lazy but we didn't do that I don't think. I don't remember what we did. Actually yes I do I'm pretty sure we went to dinner with Less and Sara and Abbey and Riley and Riley's friend who I shan't elaborate upon because you wouldn't understand. We went to another super indie place only not anywhere near as indie as the bar but it was up an alley like everything else in Melbourne and it was super dark and I had really good pizza and chips. But yes. We have, however, deemed it acceptable to acknowledge the fact that on Wednesday we will have been betrothed (pls pronouce the "ed" like ye olde english) for six months, so holla holla honey boo boo we've really been together for like eight but technically it has been six months on Wednesday and we are going to do some sick shit and eat some stuff and high five and probs eat some more stuff and then go to sleep and I'm not going to uni cos fuck dat noiz.

In keeping with the theme of wine and eating stuff, Ruby and I went to see Shawn and Marlon Wayans on Thursday and ended up being taken by limo to have dinner and go out with them afterwards, which is a story for people I know when I am slightly less unwell and overtired but suffice it to say that I will never again underestimate the power of twitter. And I have learned that when given the choice between staying in a club with two celebrities and free alcohol, and going home to watch The Hobbit with my boyfriend I will happily pick the latter, which is quite a nice thing to know. 
Also their friend Steve who was filming the show was super nice and entertaining and I'm about 50% sure he created Wife Swap. Good night.