A Cheeky Catch Up

"I'm currently watching a mediocre episode of Escape to the Country, mourning the fact that Grand Designs isn't on anymore and waiting for PStrattz to get back with KFC so I thought I'd pop in and holla at yall. I do believe that when I posted last I was all 'oh I feel like I am slightly unwell' and preparing to go do exciting things at the aquarium for our 6 months. We did indeed do said exciting things, and had lunch at this place at Southbank called something italian starting with a B that wasn't really very good, but I was not feeling so dandy. Not at all. After our shenanigans we came home and fell asleep watching Hercules, woke up ordered chicken pad thai, ate some stuff, watched some stuff, went to bed and then on Thursday I woke up with polio.

Idk if it was actually polio because I'm better now and also I didn't lose any limbs or die (I don't actually know what polio does but my godfather had it when he was little in Taiwan and I am not little in Taiwan so I therefore deduce that I probs don't have it) but twas unpleasant nonetheless."

I wrote that roughly a month and a half ago, and in the time since then I have finished uni for the semester and Patrick has gone back to frolicking around Europe, but between the two we managed to fit in a couple of mini adventures.

Over the last two weekends of May we went around the Yarra Valley and down to Sorrento, and it was all very picturesque and the food was really good and I'll fang some photos in here for your viewing pleasure.

Then in the first week of June we popped up to Sydney for three days and stayed at the Four Seasons and had the most comfy bed of all time and also occasionally went outside and experienced the city n whatnot.

After that we came home and watched Essendon smack a victory right out of Carlton's hands, which was grand, and then I finished 12,000 words of assignments in three days and went to sleep for the rest of time.

This has been a post of very little actual content, but it's been a long time and I had many things to dump on you. Now I am going to go back to watching Hannibal and planning a brief move back to New York. Adieu.