I was just sitting here feeling hella sorry for myself because I'm ridiculously exhausted (side note I think there is something actually wrong with me because I'm tired like 150% of the time but we'll worry about that in due course), but then I thought about the fact that literally all I've done today is go get sushi, my nails did and a coffee so I thought I should probably do something marginally more productive to justify the self-pity.

Luckily for y'all, part of why I'm so tired today is because I spent most of yesterday wandering around Freo while Sussy was at uni, and I took some dandy little pics to share. My family's from Perth so I spent a lot of time here as a very small person and being in Freo brings back majestic childhood memories, like the time the foreshore Macca's put M&Ms in my McFlurry instead of oreos (R.I.P. good McFlurry flavours), or when Bill decided to pee on a jellyfish. Truly the simple pleasures in life. Innywho, here are some cheeky lil snippets of my wanderings.

Cannon at the Roundhouse which used to be a 'gaol' (ye olde gaol) and I always associate it with Ned Kelly even though it's the complete wrong side of the country but yolo don't even worry about it 

Freo is the best part of Perth. There are other bits that are good, but as a whole Freo is where it's at. Don't even try and fight it.

Shit yeah giant anchors

If you've seen my video The Madz0rs Tagz0rs you will be aware that my favourite maritime tragedy is the shipwreck and mutiny of the Batavia, and this is because when I was little I used to always make my dad take me to the Maritime Museum to see the chunk of the wreck and all the other artefacts from it they've got there. To be super honest I'm pretty sure that what really clenched it for me is the fact that they've got a skeleton in the exhibit, but also just seeing an enormous hunk of hella old shipwreck is pretty baller. Short of flying to WA to go and check out the skeleton in person, I would suggest you fang yourself a little google of the Batavia Mutiny if you are so inclined, it's pretty kwl.

Hecka old boat chunk ft reconstructed portico and cannon 

Decor inspo for my new apartment.

Wearin' my beach leathers.

After a long day of adventuring, Sussbae came and joined me at the beach for a spot of pensive sunset watching, and we lived happily ever after.
The end.

PS. I also bought a new shark book holler for the good times