Last Week

Life is about to get hekkerz, pretty much as soon as I get back from Perth. I'm going to Europe in a month and before then I need to have my entire life packed up and ready to move out as soon as I get back, plus smash out all my end of semester assignments, and of course there's still the miniscule matter that is actually finding myself an apartment in which to live. That isn't gross or $500 a week or in a stabby area or containing green carpet. Bracing ourselves pretty heavily over here at the Madz0rs Team. Adulthood is coming and it's coming fast. But before that happens I decided to chill out a bit and used last week for planning.

To kick the week off, on Tuesday (my version of Sunday) I went shopping for the first time in probs ever and got myself some kwl pants that I've worn pretty much every day since I got them, and a skirt that I am wearing at this moment, plus some lil things like magazine and flowers and sush-sush to get myself in the mindset that mbz this isn't going to be all that bad. There will still be sushi and Starbucks when I'm a proper adult. Just maybe no more new pants for a while. It will be okay. Everything will be okay. As long as there is Nando's.

After that I bashed out a couple of things for uni and spent probably upwards of a thousand hours sitting on google hangouts wid ma boiz planning our adventures which oh my god was such a struggle but now it is DONE and I am so excited for our adventures but shit god dayum that was an absolute feat of coordination and patience. I drew up a snazzy little chart of when all my assignments are due and when I need to have packed/left the country, even started to clean my room, and then got really really sick for a grand total of one day. Like I was dying on the couch with the sorest throat of all time thinking oh gr8 I'm going to be even sicker tomorrow, but then I woke up the next day and felt fine so who even knows anymore guys. 2morro is a mystery.

Tbph wit yall in between my productivity I did also get extremely inebriated watching Eurovision, make my way through 3 seasons of AbFab and all of Miranda and sleep for 16 consecutive hours but I ain't stoppin the party just because I'm meant to be responsible now, jah feel.

So now that I've braced myself, planned my productivity and prayed to the gods for mercy and the cashmoneys I feel somewhat prepared for the battle ahead. Right after I'm done chillin out in Perth and doing nothing for a week. Speaking of which, I'm super full of aioli right now and we need to start getting ready for Bill's belated birthday festivities, so imma love you and leave you. Stay blessed.