Off Again

Hello all friends. I have once again accidentally found myself making a last minute trip to the fine land of Perth to spend some quality time with my western peeps and also mainly the Dome's caesar salad. 
On Tuesday my godsister Sussy sent me the "oi you should maybe come over at some point..." text, which roughly translates to 'book flight now for asap', so after uni today I popped over to l'aeroporto, had some HJ's, hopped on the plane and here I am.
Life is a highway.

I'm here for pretty much the next week and I don't know what adventures we have planned but I shall check in wid u as events doth unfold. Also when I was sitting in the airport chillin with my chicken wrap I full just whipped out my massive DSLR and snapped away, taking some B- selfies and the beautiful artistic shots you see before you, so I think it's safe to say the remnants of what little shame I may have had are gone. Which bodes well for the future of content here and on the youtubez taking place anywhere outside of my house. Holler.

This is what was in my carry on bag apart from obvs my Canon which I used to create this art and bulk chargers. U welc.
Read most of that book on the flight, at the start it made me hella sad but the part I'm at now is providing more of a vibe of empowerment and sass. I will never not love semi-trashy airport literature. Tis my favourite genre.

Fade out as Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson swells in the background.

Sussy and I just realised our pajamas matched our laptops and it was a fucking event and a half.
Brilliant photo cred to Alexander Lestypoo.
Garn finish watching GBF and go to bed now.

PS. Here is a video I am in that's just gone up on ma buddy Fiona's channel.
PPS. Apart from a nap on the plane I have been awake for about 40 hours at this point - mainly due to the final planning stages of some more fantastic adventures which will be happening soon, and that I will tell you of in due course - so hear ye hear ye I am so. frickin. pumped. to sleep. x0.