The final part of my very drawn out holiday ramble series comes to you from Ireland. I freaking love Ireland. At least Northern Ireland, I haven't seen much of the rest apart from the area around Dublin Airport so I'm not the greatest authority but the bits I did see were hecka pretty and green. And I am biased because I was there with three of my favs, but still. Pretty and green. After the whirlwind that was Italy we spent a week at Jake's house just hanging out and filming videos and it was gr8.

I've known Jake for over a year now and I'm still not over the fact that he has a donkey. 

Apparently this pony is a bitch. 


This guy 

Selfies with Bae #justgirlythings 

Very sick, very tired, being models and making good use of the softboxes after a long day of filming. 

I genuinely do not know why these look airbrushed maybe because I stretched them but I'm not gonna fight it tbh 

 The last night before I flew home ft Lara

As I mentioned we did a bit of filming in Ireland, and while some of the footage is yet to emerge, you can wander off and enjoy the following videos:

And sadly, that is the end of that chapter. 

My most favourite person 

Do u want 2 build a snowman 

The Loneliest Boy In The World 


Family Portrait 

The End.