I Am Free

Yoohoohoo sweet angels, I am feeling very rough this fine morn but that is entirely my own fault because I did goeth out yester evening with my chums and was not as responsible as one would have hoped. 'One' being, most likely, my mother. But it's okay, because I have a mini lasagne in the oven (domestic goddess don't even worry about it) and I've drunk about a litre and a half of water and orange juice (not together don't be disgusting) at this point so I hold high hopes for the future.

The last few days aside, I've actually been quite functional. I finished uni classes FO'EVA on Thursday, which is why the past few days have been a bit chaotic, but I've still got a few assignments to do before I'm actually 100% done so I'm going to need to get onto those in the very near future. I'm off to Perth in about a week and I don't really want to be stressing about anything then. Gonna see Papa McG (who lives in America now if you missed that) and Sussy and my grandparents and also get Cheetos which tbph is the main objective of this trip/my entire life. Should be swell.

In other news, over the past few weeks I've been slowly culling unnecessary things from my life. I've realised that my hoarding days must come to an end, because real life is beginning and I'm gonna need to be getting my ass in gear pretty hard in terms of creativity and productivity, and a messy life a productive mind does not foster. No sir. So I'm slowly working my way through my wardrobe and chucking out everything I don't actually wear. Got rid of probably over half my dresses and skirts the other day and that alone has already upped my outfit game so I am looking forward very much to the rest of the culling. I'm also trying to get rid of as much general clutter as I can because I'm very aware of the fact that I'm going to have to downsize drastically when I move to England next year. Oh mang. Change is afoot. I'm listening to Dreamgirls right now and it's really adding a lovely element of drama and urgency to the ambiance of this post. Btw I'm thinking that once I'm done with my life cull/overhaul I'll toss up a little posty post on how to get your own shit sorted, so keep an eye out for that one either here or on AVotT.

For now, I must depart to check on my lasagne and maybe start an essay, but I shall leave you with a list of things I'm currently enjoying. The procrastinatory Madeleine of yore is gone, and in her place emerges a vision of productivity and grace. All hail New Maddi. Blessings upon you all.

Things I am a bit obsessed with at present:

- SunbeamsJess's daily vlogs. Don't know why, but am very obsessed with her right now.
- MusicalBethan's new song, Left the Broken
- 5SOS (esp. Voodoo Doll, Greenlight, End Up Here & Long Way Home)
- Green capsicums. Eat em like apples so I don't get scurvy.
- Bad Education. I straight up wept at the last episode. If you don't live in the UK it's pretty easy to find on youtube and I would recommend 100%
- My leather skort from Zara don't even get me started I think this is the first day in a week I haven't worn it and that's only because I'm not leaving the house
- Not wearing any colours apart from black apparently
- TOWIE/Made In Chelsea as per always
- The Lizzie McGuire Movie as per always
- Doing my hair in these like half up half down french braid things that I can't describe properly but sometimes I also put it in a low ponytail like right now and it looks bangin v happy with myself
- Making plans with skwl/uni friends
- Waking up early and actually carpe-ing the diem
- Hay Day and Bakery Town. Please stop me.
- The weather. 'Sbeen good.