I freaking love October. If we're ignoring January which is where my birthday lives, it would hands down be my favourite month. Despite the fact that I've lived in Australia for the majority of my life, it still reminds me of Autumn and New England leaves and about five of my favourite candles, all of which smell like some variation of apple cider. However, Melbourne Spring has well and truly sprung hella hard at this point, and as much as I love winter I am losing my dang mind over the sun this year.

I don't know whether it's because of the seasonal joy or if it's just a convenient coincidence, but I've fixed my sleeping pattern and started waking up at 8/9 like a normal person, fangin myself to the kitchen and mashing together a thousand different fruits into a smoothie like the wholesome, responsible adult I now am before actually utilising the daylight hours to get shit done. Today I went to lunch with Sara and Nina (we had the best fried chicken like I'm not even going to start because I will never stop) and I WALKED THERE by CHOICE. Who am I, guys. I don't even know. I'm just really enjoying being functional right now. Maybe this is what my mum meant when she told me to just get high on life before the year 11 formal.

This year has been taxing as fuck. Like I think we're all aware by this point that the first six months of 2014 were rough as hell on the emotional front, but it wasn't all bad, and that was probably the most that I've ever changed (positively obvz) at any point in my life. I semi built a new person out of necessity, and grew up an unsettling amount but was still a bit stuck half way, like Britney in Crossroads but with a much less impressive collection of peasant blouses. After I'd gone and frolicked around Europe for a bit, and then come back home for some more massive change in the form of moving out, I decided it was time to get down to the business that is transitioning into my ideal adult self.

Much to my delight, 'tis going quite dandily thus far! September was the month of getting my ass in gear and trying to stop procrastinating, which worked pretty well. I made a video every day on my second channel (playlist here), kept my main channel going and started posting semi-regularly again on A Version of the Truth. Beyond that, I also made a massive shift in my general mentality. I've always been a don't-do-it-til-you-100%-have-to kind of person, and while that was fine when I was a teenager it's not exactly the kind of adult I want to be, so I started consciously forcing myself to do the things I would have otherwise put off, and it's resulted in me being a lot more productive, having a much more organised living space and just generally being happier and more social. So kudos to me.

This is my last week of uni classes ever, and I need to get all of my final assignments done before I scamper off to Perth on the 4th, so I anticipate the next few weeks are going to get a bit ridiculous. Howevz, now that I'm all gucci on the general productivity front I'm also trying to catch up with my friends as much as I can. This is also going gr8, as the next week and a half is pretty much booked out with a mixture of high school and uni bitchez, and the fact that the weather is nice as fuck just makes the whole thing mighty swell. On the whole, I am very pleased with how life is playing out. There are obviously some downers, including the fact that I let myself watch Schindler's List last night hashtag why did yall let me do that, but it's aiight, cos I'm watching all the Harry Potters back to back now to even it out. Look at me go.

I'm having a bit of a conundrum re: figuring out what to put on here, because all of my substantial ideas and 'how to' posts go over on AVotT, so I'm thinking perhaps we'll just keep this one flinging down the personal route and maybe I'll chuck up some favs and recommendations in the near future.

God rest ye merry gentlemen.
Maddi x0