Life Inspiration Fo' Real

Let's cut to the chase: This woman is life changing.

Mimi Ikonn is the life coach I don't have to pay for. I am obsessed with her, I am obsessed with her husband, I am obsessed with their holidays and most of all I am obsessed with her videos. She started out making videos with her sister for the hair extension company they founded together, and over time branched out into life advice and more motivational content.

She now has her own channel ( and approaches her videos in a way that I find really accessible, because her advice is based in reality. She's optimistic, but doesn't sugarcoat things, and beyond that she's someone whose life I would personally consider pretty freaking great, so I'm going to trust her a lot more than someone I look at and don't want to emulate on any level.

However, what I think is the biggest testament to how great her videos are is the fact that I don't want to be her. I mean like yes, I want to be her, but I don't actually want to be HER. I want to take inspiration from certain aspects of her life or the way she goes about things, and become a version of myself that's on the same level. Do you get what I'm saying? It's about 6am so I'm not sure I even know what I'm saying, but basically her videos are #inspirational and empowering as heck.

Every single friend that I've shown her to has immediately spent the next few hours marathoning her videos and ends up obsessed. She's the kind of person that I aspire to grow into, but - as I said - instead of just making you sit around wishing you were her, Mimi's videos show you how to go about becoming your own best version of yourself. Basically, for today's post instead of me telling you how to get your life together I thought I'd show you someone who inspires me to do that myself. And you are welcome.

My Mimi Ikonn Life Improvement Starter Pack

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