Rain at Versailles

A few days ago I was inspired by Midnight In Paris to go onto my old laptop and find the photos from when I went to Versailles. The year was 2011, I was but an innocent child on my gap year and as you can see it was absolutely pouring with rain. Being me, looking back at these photos fills me with storm-joy, but at the time the rain was a bit much even for me, which is saying a lot. Nevertheless, I thought I would chuck together a few of our better attempts at capturing the view through a water-coated lens for today's post. There's a strong chance I'll be in Paris again later this year, and I'm excited to go back now that I've grown up a bit and developed more of an interest in and appreciation for the aesthetic side of things. If nothing else, things tend to be a bit Italy-centric over here so it's nice to have a touch of France going on for a change. Au revoir, tiny baes.