Real Home Shopping

Following on from what I said in yesterday's post, I've been feeling like I need to shake up my makeup routine a little bit. I wouldn't say I'm in a rut, because what I've got going at the moment is a method I've tested over time and know works well, but in following this routine I do also have a lot of products sitting around that I manage to forget about completely. As such, in the spirit of wanting to try new things but also save money, I went through my drawers and picked out a few things I believe have been thus far under-utilised to try and incorporate in the near future. 

It's actually quite exciting because I don't see these things every day so it feels like they're new. Slightly sad, and a definite sign of the fact that since I've been saving I'm missing shopping more than is probably healthy, but I think I might try it with clothes next. Get really crazy. That's not to say I won't be buying anything new soon - I very much want a new blush and have been feeling a dark berry coloured lipstick shaped hole in my life for a while now - but home is where the heart is. And also the free stuff. So this is what I've ended up pulling out from the depths of my collection this time around. 

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