Treat Yo Self

My anxiety has been playing up a bit lately and is currently making things very difficult in the organising thoughts and forming coherent sentences department, but I really hate not posting on here. I have been having a nice few days of frolicking around the city, catching up with friends and generally enjoying having a socially acceptable sleep schedule for once, so I thought I'd show you a few of the things I've acquired whilst living my life as an acceptable compromise until my brain lets me remember how to use words properly again.

The book on the left is one that I am disturbingly excited about, considering it's 450 pages of non-fiction history, but this is real. This is me. I love Venice and I love history and I am very, very pleased. On the right we have the third instalment in a series of books that I've read over the past few years. The first two are called From Notting Hill, With Love... Actually and From Notting Hill to New York... Actually and I would recommend them both. I didn't know there was a third one until I went into Dymocks aka the happiest place on earth, and my heart did sing.

Went to Lush, didn't I. Especially with my anxiety being how it is, I'm very focussed on trying to keep myself calm and zen, and I was long overdue for a restock anyway. I haven't tried either of the pink ones before, but I'm obsessed with the mango bath melt, and apparently if I like Butterball and Floating Island separately I'm going to love them together. Nothing says treat yoself like bath products.

Clockwise from the rainbow looking badboy:
I did also get the Big Blue Bath Bomb but I used that last night.

Finally, magazines. Of course. I'm doing pretty well with my March resolution to remember little things that make me happy, although clearly not so much with the ones related to productivity. This afternoon I'm prepping content for the next few weeks across all my social media, but things may still be inconsistent over here for a few more days. I am quite over being off-schedule, and I would rather be getting things done on time, but I also know that it's never a good idea to push myself when I'm in an anxious phase. Plus, considering the amount of time it took me to actually get this post written and proofread I don't really know if I could put out anything properly decent right now if I tried. This is by far the most frustrating aspect of anxiety for me - feeling like my brain is wrapped in styrofoam - but it hopefully won't last. Just need to give my head time to sort itself out and start organising thoughts properly again, so bear with. All will be gucci in due time.

As far as the anxiety itself goes, this is a very, very mild episode so we needn't worry. I've just got the physical side of things and the frustrating brain-block/inability to deal with otherwise quite simple tasks going on this time. No actual conscious, specific worries, real issues or sense of impending doom, which is good. Still shitty, but nowhere near as bad as it could be. Little blessinz. Now I'm going to go because I genuinely feel like I have managed to drain myself of all brainpower and need to go have a lie down. Peace x0