Right This Second

Making: Slow progress on the drive home from the country with Dad and Felicity
Cooking: Nothing, I am in a car. ....up some great ideas tho
DrinkingA mediocre cappuccino that took some guy about 20 minutes to make
Reading: Last month's Harper's Bazaar
Wanting: To go to the airport instead of home
Looking: Not great, I'll be honest. 
Playing: A dangerous game, most of the time.
Wasting: A lottttt of my already-depleted mobile data by typing this post on my laptop via personal hotspot but yolo
Wishing: I were in Italy right now, specifically Florence
Enjoying: The quality of my phresh new headphones. Makin' Cher Lloyd real crisp.
Waiting: For everyone else to get up to speed with my grand plans for life in general
Watching: My cappuccino cup to make sure I do not spilleth it all over the car
Liking: All of Eleanor Calder's photos on instagram
Wondering: Whether or not I should eat more baked goods
Loving: Onion rings. And I don't understand it. I hated them for the first 22 years of my life and now they are all. I want. to eat.
Hoping: That I get a lot done when I got home tonight
Marvelling: At the number of kangaroos I saw today
Needing: Probably another solid three days off work but that ain't gon happen sista gotta chase that paper
Smelling: 1) Not a whole lot tbh because I've been sick all week 2) Like Tuscan Blood Orange from Pacifica
Wearing: Green military leggings and a large men's jumper which thankfully somehow do not completely clash. Ya gurl did not awaken with a whole lot of time to spare this morning, no sir.
Following: My heart, as per usual. And the advice of tarot cards.
Noticing: That I feel a little bit sick, which can probably be attributed to the fact that I have been eating a custard tart whilst sitting in the backseat of the car on a winding freeway.
KnowingPretty much urrthang at this point I reckon
Thinking: In very short, intense bursts punctuated by prolonged periods of meditating on how bad I want kinetic sand
Feeling: Dangerously powerful. Gonna need to google the moon.