Right This Second: Bali Edition

Making: Some really unimpressed faces because there is a gardener and now a lady crashing my selfie sesh
Cooking: Nothing because our hotel room doesn't have a kitchen but I made tea before
DrinkingWater but not from the tap because I don't want to get Bali Belly xxx
Reading: A book titled something involving Paris, it's pretty good but I left it in the room tbh
Wanting: For everyone to leave so I can vlog and selfie in peace
Looking: Actually decent for once, hence the need for selfies
Wasting: Nothing for once, I think I'm doing pretty well in the carpe diem stakes
Wishing: I had the roof to mySELF and also some chicken pad thai
Enjoying: The temperature because it's almost 5pm so I am no longer sweating and dying
WaitingFor Gabby to get back from her walk so we can take pix that aren't selfies. There is a real trend here and that is because I have looked rank this entire trip due to pool and sun so when I don't look disgusting we need to take full advantage of this rare, sacred gift.
WatchingThe video I'm going to post tomorrow night to make sure I haven't missed anything
Liking: The fact that the water in Bali, although it is terrible for drinking, has made my hair very soft
WonderingWhy the gardener is looking at me in a slightly menacing manner while holding a sickle
Loving: My choice to relocate to a hanging egg chair
Hoping: I will stick to the plans I'm making right now because I think they're p good
Marvelling: At the fact that there are mountains to my left that I didn't even notice until last night
Needing: More water.
SmellingThe smells of Bali. Which are not great to be honest.
WearingBathers and a navy dress with some vaguely indonesian looking stitching on it #appropriate
Playing: The waiting game til these bitchez leave and my photoshoot can commence
Following: The laws of Indonesia like a smart tourist because I do not want to be executed
Noticing: That the gardener is back, but this time he has a hose
Knowing: Pretty much nothing if we're being real here but also that I am hungry
Thinking: About my entire life but I'm finding it difficult to organise my thoughts so I'm probably going to need to get some paper and start making lists because the time for chance is afoot, my friends.
FeelingLike I should stop caring about the h8rz and take my selfies anyway.

PS. The gardener has now started whistling and I genuinely think I might scream x0x0 #tropicalparadise