Just Monday

It is only just now hitting me what a weird time in my life this is. I'm sitting on my bed in my apartment wearing reindeer socks and waiting for my tea to cool down, but in a few days this won't be my apartment anymore and half the things around me won't be mine either. And a month from now I'll be on a plane about to land at Heathrow, having left this country for the foreseeable future, and I'll be 23, and I'll have hopefully finished burning all the candles I've still got stacked on the shelf in the bedroom that I still have and am sitting in at this moment in time. The t-shirt I'm wearing is one that I'm pretty sure I'm not taking to England. The clothes I'm going to wear on the plane are literally right beside me. There's a snow globe with a middle finger in it that I meant to give someone about a year and a half ago but never did sitting on top of my empty chest of drawers pointed right at me like 'haha you don't know how to get rid of furniture because despite what the government and society believe you are still a child' and I have just booked a flight to Perth for ten days from now. Which is three days after I get back from Canberra. Which is where I am going on Christmas Eve, by which time I need to have completely finished packing and essentially moved out and booked cleaners and hopefully figured out how the HELL YOU GET RID OF FURNITURE because as of the 30th this apartment isn't mine.

Right now almost everything feels like it's just a weird jumble of dates and endings and things I need to do and remember and places I'm going and leaving and eventually moving to and when it comes down to it, I'm still just sat here on my bed, in my apartment, wearing my reindeer socks and waiting for my tea to cool down. But soon I won't be, and I don't really know where I will be, and that's really scary and overwhelming and a little bit hard to deal with but that's life. And overall I am excited. And I know it's what I need to be doing and where I need to go. But I still don't know how to get rid of furniture.