Right This Second: On The Plane

Making: A concerned face because I’ve just realised I feel a bit sick
Cooking: Nothin, on a plane
Drinking: Just finished some wine, waiting for my tea to cool down
Reading: My Opa’s memoirs. So far I’ve learnt that he once ran into an elephant enclosure at the zoo and that my great grandfather had pet crocodiles.
Wanting: To not feel sick, maybe to land? I dunno.
Looking: Out the window at hella clouds
Wasting: Time that I could be sleeping but I slept on the other flight and I’m not really tired now
Hoping: Things work out the way I would like them to.
Smelling: DKNY pure because I just rolled that lil beauty right on and nm else cos plane
Wearing: Leggings and a jumper but on the last flight I was wearing my snazzy new Qantas pyjamas and I love them. I always used to steal dad’s and now I have my OWN WHAT A DAY
Wishing: I dunno. Like I do know, but I’m not gonna share. It’s not depressing. That sounds like it’s depressing. It’s just scheme-related.
Enjoying: The fact I’m not cramped up in economy. This is a massage chair. How even. We’re in the sky.
Waiting: For the fact that I’ve properly left to sink in at ALL
Watching: Arrested Development
Liking: The mountains I can see out the window right now oh my GOD I AM MOVING TO EUROPE
Wondering: How soon I can responsibly go to Italy
Loving: The fact I am going to be living in ENGLAND AS OF FIVE HOURS FROM NOW
Marvelling: At the fact I’ve actually made this happen
Needing: Probably more water, a nap, to calm down in general
Playing: The game of life fo’ real my children
Following: Wine with peppermint tea seemed like a good idea at the time
Noticing: It maybe isn’t? Idk. Alcohol works a lot faster in the sky.
Knowing: This is the best thing I could do at this point in my life but also that once the reality of actually being away and responsible for my own life sets in it’s going to be a little bit more difficult to deal with probably but for NOW I’m just EXCITED
Thinking: I have got a lot of planning to do hashtag smirky face emoji
Feeling: Still a bit sick, but overall positive. Lil #skydrunk. Also need to pee.