Right This Second: Moving In

Fiona and I moved into our new house today and I thought I would mark the occasion in classic style. Hopefully I'll be back to blogging normally soon, but for now just know that I have you in my tiny, cold heart and am probably, whenever you're reading this, struggling with some sort of basic household task.

Christening the fridge with a punnet of blueberries xx
Making: A beautiful new life for myself
Cooking: I just made scrambled eggs and also a bagel
Drinking: Nothing but I should have some water soon #hydrationconscious
Wanting: To go to sleep soon
Looking: Like I've just had a shower because I have, also tired
Wasting: Nothing. All good. Very tired. Very long day. Money.
Hoping: I have a good ol' slumber
Smelling: Like mint and shampoo
Wearing: Pyjama pants and the top I wore today
Wishing: I had all of my stuff here already
Enjoying: This HOUSE
Waiting: For the end of this blog post so I can sleep but that doesn't mean I love you any less
Watching: My dreamz come true <33 x
Liking: Lotsa pics on insty
Wondering: How certain things are going to pan out
Loving: The throw blanket I am partially sitting on
Marvelling: At the fact we actually got this house
Needing: To get a job
Playing: Specific situations over in my head because what has happened here
Following: Too many people on twitter, gotta keep it under 200
Noticing: My tongue kinda itches?
Knowing: I need to moisturise my face
Thinking: The kitchen is really far and I need to put this plate away
Feeling: Very content.