I Love Zara Home

I frickin love decor. I love Scandinavian interiors. I love decorating houses on Sims. Bearing this in mind, the fact I have just moved into a wonderful blank canvas of a new house and can not yet pimp it out whilst continuing to be fiscally responsible leaves me with a lot of pent up decor-based energy and frustration. Instead of crying on my rug-less floor or putting myself into lifelong debt by bulk ordering the entirety of Zara Home I thought I'd just go through the website and share with you what, in an ideal world, I would be using to spice up my life.

Obviously not #spon or I would already own these things. Also some of them, like everything else in my life, really do require explanation so bear with. 
Especially that flower pillow. That one you really needa be in on the creative vision to appreciate.
On that note, let's start in the bedroom.

1. Wooden Tray With Metal Handles / 2. Dark Grey Washed Linen Quilt With Lace Trim / 3. Light Grey Linen Quilt With Top Stitching / 4. Multicolour Floral Cushion / 5. Square Cotton Lampshade / 6. Grey Lined Foulard-Style Blanket / 7. Hourglass / 8. Black Rustic Stool / 9. Shaggy Rug / 10. Cable-Knit Cotton Blanket / 11. Wool Knit Cushion / 12. Double Trunk Stool

Okay so what's probably hitting you first is the fact that I'm super into colours right now. So bright. So vibrant. A rainbow of fabrics. Now the bedding is a very nuanced concept in my mind and probably requires the most explanation so we'll start with some simpler pieces and work our way up. The tray is quite self-explanatory; every bedroom needs a tray on which various photogenic mugs and magazines can be placed in order to stop them rolling/spilling all over the bed and ruining your bedding and life. It's one of those magical items that serves both fashion and function, and this was by far my favourite design on the website. The lamp is a lamp, not much to say other than I really enjoy the combination of a more modern square design with the softer colour and fabric. It looks clean and quite modern without becoming harsh, so perf for a bedroom.

The hourglass has absolutely no practical purpose, but I need it. I saw it when I went into the store on Kensington High Street the other day and it was one of those 'I never realised how much I needed this' moments and now I'm obsessed with the idea of acquiring an impractically large hourglass for decorational purposes. The rug is just because I am determined that the main component missing from my room as it stands is a large grey rug filling the space from about half way under my bed to just before my wardrobes, and while I may not go with something quite this fluffy I definitely prefer it to a lot of the woven rugs I've seen, which honestly just look like they belong in a beach house.

Now the stools. The stools are important. Incredibly important. Shout out to my Scandinavian bloggers because god knows I will take anything they do on board and recently they have been getting me very into the idea of using stools for decoration and storage. Pop the dark one in a corner and keep some folded knitwear on there. Or some magazines and a small plant. Or a candle, or a lamp, or literally anything you want. The possibilities are endless and you look super innovative and #current. My favourite is definitely the lighter one though, because I like the idea of putting that at the end of a bed the way you normally would a bench or an ottoman, and popping a basket of throw blankets next to it. (More into the basket range at H&M Home, which is why there isn't one on here) Very low-key refined. Since it's wider and a bit more sturdy there are also a lot more possibilities when it comes to styling. One of my favourite Swedish bloggers, ByKiki, does quite a lot with chairs and stools and baskets, and is also generally just A+++ for home inspo, so I definitely recommend heading over there.

Now to the bedding. We're talking grey. We're talking white. We're talking an occasional pop of colour, like that floral cushion or more realistically some light blue. We're also talking about twenty other assorted throw cushions in front of plain pillows in front of large, light grey European pillows ideally in some sort of linen-based fabric. We're talking multiple throw blankets. We're talking all you really need to focus on in these photos are the grey quilts on the ends of the beds, certainly not the blue pillows or anything off-white. We're talking it looks really good in my head but it would take me about four more paragraphs to actually describe so we're gonna have to wait til I have enough money to actually create it and show you. Basically, I'm loving linens and layers and different shades of grey kind of towards the foot of the bed, with a more crisp, white vibe up top. Tie the grey back in with larger pillows at the very back, behind regular plain pillows matching the duvet that I have not yet decided on, and chuck a WHOLE bunch of throw pillows in front with all different textures and fabrics to bring it all together. However I will say that if I were to actually use that floral cushion it would have to be a one-off in a mix and match situation where all the other ones were interesting textures but quite muted otherwise. I have a very specific vision. Someone please sponsor me. I love throw blankets so much.

1. Decorative Teeth Figure / 2. Square Slate Tray / 3. Blue Earthenware Dinnerware With A Raised Lattice Pattern / 4. Grey Metal Tray / 5. Towel With Linen Border / 6. Stanlio Oil Bottle / 7. Stone Coasters / 8. Cups Candlestick / 9. Metal And Wood Box With Drawers / 10. Octopus Earthenware Jug

I have a lot less to say about this side of things, which is probably a relief considering the novel I just wrote about bedroom decor, but do not despair there is still some rambling to do. These are things I would put in the rest of the house, and while I would happily put the shark jaws pretty much anywhere in my entire life, I do have quite specific ideas about everything else.

Let's talk about these slate trays, please. I love them. I'm a bit over marble at this point (despite the fact I have very much included some marble-looking stone coasters, but those are here because 1. I felt them in-store and they are A+ quality and 2. I imagine them on a glass-top coffee table and that looks great) and have moved on to other impractically heavy materials like concrete and slate. I can imagine myself using these in the kitchen for superb instagram flatlays, or as a base for creating a cheese platter when people come over. Imagine. Bit of camembert, couple grapes, 100% my aesthetic. The possibilities of using these trays in a social setting are honestly enough for me to plan my entire life around. If I walked into someone's kitchen and they had a bunch of these in assorted sizes on top of a counter leaning casually against the wall I would assume they had their entire life together. Similarly, the earthenware set is just detailed enough for it to be clear that you are a person who is able to prioritise matching, aesthetically pleasing dinnerware without it being like you've gone out and bought an entire set of rainbow cups at Ikea. I like that the detailing on the bowls is just different enough from the plates that it avoids being too matchy-matchy. I also saw them in-store and the blue bits are textured/raised and dayum no way around it they are just some real nice plates, lads.

This tray brings us to a very specific vision I have for my kitchen involving a lot of individually potted herbs. Imagine them all in their little metal containers on this little metal tray and there would be so much green and I would put a really nice tea towel near it so that it was a bit less industrial and by this point we will also have a coffee machine and they'll probably be in the same corner of happiness and adulthood and if I need some mint it's just THERE. How much more ORGANISED can you GET. Need some parsley? BAM. GOT IT. Need some rosemary? Too bad cos it's gross. The towels I just like because they look nice, fit with the general aesthetic of my life and I can imagine them folded neatly in this box/crate-based bathroom storage thing I have planned, looking majestic.

I am obsessed with oil bottles and honestly glass receptacles of all kinds. If it's got a cork, even better. If it has a separate compartment for something else, I'm sold. Nothing else to say other than I will never be satisfied with my quality of life until I have one. The same can not be said for the candlestick that looks like a bunch of cups. I have NO idea what I would do with this, and if it were put in the wrong setting I know I would hate it because it comes dangerously close to "kitsch", which is my least favourite word after "quirky". In my mind it would need to be in an all-white setting, because mix it with any kind of wood and you're done. The kitsch is born and I am out. Imagine a white mantlepiece with a bunch of other random white objects where the only pop of colour is a plant or some flowers. Similarly, I love the octopus jug because it is an octopus jug, but it could easily slip into the aforementioned category of nightmares. At first I was thinking I could use it as a vase but that just made it quirkier so now I'm just leaning towards lemonades and Pimms. PIMMS. THAT'S WHAT THE OCTOPUS JUG IS FOR! Wow what a weight off my mind, am I right.

Finally, I don't really know what I'd do with these drawers but when I saw them in person I really liked them and they're very, very small so I feel like they'd be easy to find a place/purpose for. They go very well with the metal tray, but I don't know that I'd necessarily want them near each other. Who knows. Stay tuned for the time in my life when I can actually make these beautiful interior dreams a reality to find out.

This has been very soothing for me. I feel marginally less frustrated about the fiscal restrictions of my immediate reality, and I hope there are a few things in here that you're interested in too. Either that or you've just enjoyed seeing a bit more of what the inside of my brain is like right now. Let me know if there are any other interior-related posts you'd like to see, or if you're having any decor dramas you think I could help with because good god if I couldn't live through other people right now I just wouldn't be living at all. That sounds very dark. It's just about bedding I swear. On that note, I'm going to go look through the Laura Ashley catalogue and make plans for my affluent future self.