Recommended Reading (and Watching)

Once again, this is not the post I had planned (I have a good excuse this time that involves me now supposedly having a job, which is quite exciting) but I've been meaning to do one of these posts for a while and there's no time like the present. Here are a few little snippets to enrich your lives.
(You should be able to click on the headings but some of them are being difficult so you may have to hover around a bit)

If you've been around me at any point in the last year you'll know that I am well into my moon cult, and under that umbrella fall several other concepts including vision boards, positive visualisation and the law of attraction. Everyone knows there's no better facility for learning than a WikiHow page, so that is what I have found you. Love an illustration. (As a bonus you will find my favourite ever WikiHow here; perfection from the first sentence)

If you want to look like you have literally every single possible aspect of your life together I swear to god all you need to do is invite people over for some kind of rendezvous and whip out a batch of these.

Self explanatory and one I will definitely be using to my instagram advantage over the coming months. I have so many schemes involving Duck and Waffle you have no idea. And now because I've typed that sentence I've just come up with about three more.

They're not wrong.

Clearly I've had some of these links saved for ages so I'm pretty much rediscovering them as I go along, and this is definitely one I shall be having a read over. Not just relevant to people who actually work from home, but anyone who has a blog or uni work or just generally needs to be self-motivated & disciplined.

For the first 21 years of my life I LOVED flying and then something flipped and oh man I do not like it at all now. Fine with traveling, fine with being stuck in one spot, not a fan of being in the sky. This video has tips you can actually use that are geared not only towards that side of things but also the entire experience of traveling and it's genuinely very helpful so I'd definitely recommend chucking it a watch if this is something you struggle with at all.

If you have ever seen that shining example of cinematic mastery you will appreciate this.

I feel like attempting to justify this would be a disservice to the art. Part 2 is here and I think I might even love it more than the first one. Fun fact that was the first place I heard Hotline Bling so in my head this is the real version. It's much better.

Lisa Eldridge is a blessing. She is so smart and so good at what she does and I would listen to literally any advice she gave me about any area of my life and take it on board 150% no questions asked. Informative and interesting and accessible, plus we know how much I love history.

Just her whole channel. I found her through her videos on minimalism, but she does a lot of really well-produced lifestyle videos like this one on how to take good flatlay photos and I love how much effort she puts into all of her videos. Her skincare routine is insane, especially when you see behind the scenes of how she put it together.

This is the best description of scents I have ever come across in my life.

12. One-Minute, Emergency Meditation Routine
Tom (formerly of Daydream In Blue) has recently relaunched his blog after a complete overhaul, and honestly I'd recommend browsing the entire thing but this post specifically stands out to me because I really like the idea of taking the essence of meditation, which is something I'd normally dedicate at least 10 or 15 minutes to at a time, and channeling it into what is essentially an espresso version. Really though, just check out his entire blog.