Slightly Oxford

Today I went on a little journey to distract myself from the fact I can not afford my normal cheese lifestyle.
I'm still sad about the mozzarella, but I saw some cool rocks and the sun was actually present, so I'd say it was a success.
I did have another post planned for today, but my inability to stay in one place for longer than a week got in the way of that so instead I am going to share with you some beautiful photographs that I took whilst strolling casually through the streets of Oxford, listening to Cody Simpson and actually wearing sunglasses out of necessity for once, rather than just as a people shield. God bless you, Spring. Please come faster.

Full disclosure though my radiant mood was almost smothered by the offensive amount of time it took me to be able to take a decent selfie in this hedge maze. Next time I'm taking Alessia with me for the photos. And company obviously. Mainly photos.

It feels very wrong to me to be posting so many photos without chunks of banter woven throughout but I am just SO. TIRED. Plus the Swedish bloggers do it and anything that's good enough for the Swedish bloggers is good enough for me. Apart from fish. They tend to eat a lot of fish and I'm not down with that.

Can't wait til someone puts my giant stone head on a really elaborate fence one day.

I'm planning to go back again soon and see everything properly, but for now it was just good to get away for the day and go somewhere I haven't been before. 
I was honestly very, very close to buying return flights to Stockholm for a neat little 8 hour Scandinavian jaunt the other day, so this seemed like a suitable compromise. For the time being. As soon as I have a job I will be out of the country. I will never be in the country. Except to work at the job. This is a flawed plan but I am very tired and I've got an interview in fourteen hours so I'm going to go to sleep now.

I might pop up a bonus post tomorrow, otherwise I'll see you on Wednesday.
Schedule going strong.