I don't think I've ever really been much of a Livin' 4 The Weekend kind of person. I do love Sundays, but I also really like Tuesdays, and honestly I think Saturday tends to be overcrowded and overhyped. That's a sentiment I will always stand by, but lately with increasing regularity I do find myself looking forward to Fridays more than I ever have outside of an educational context. If you follow me on social media you may have noticed a trend of me using the weekend as an excuse to escape into London (I’m literally writing this right now sitting on the train) and last week was no exception.

My weekend started off on Friday afternoon, when I met Lucy for coffee just off Oxford Street. Lucy and I have been friends for over 4 years at this point so she is well versed in all the background info of all my various exploits and issues, and tbh I would say she’s one of the people I’ve appreciated being able to see most since I moved here. Wouldn’t tell her that in person, can't mess with the rep, but in writing it’s fine. I feel like now more than ever we’re on a similar page when it comes to what we expect of people and how we see things in general, but she’s got an element of 'not putting up with people’s shit' about her that I’ve not quite mastered, so it’s always helpful to get her perspective on whatever romantic/general stupidity-based predicament I’ve managed to get myself into. Which is why I spent a full hour filling her in on everything that had somehow unfolded since we last caught up. I have a lot of interpersonal complications right now okay. 
By which I mean we’re onto episode 50 of everyone’s favourite 20-something sitcom, Why Are Boys So Dumb Tho.

After coffee I went over to Sammy and Elliot's to pick up some of my stuff and then headed to Alessia's, and I think we know the drill from there.
We had a wine night, during which her flatmate came home absolutely hammered and made us all tea before conducting a group conference on the many perils of love and relationships, all whilst I was in the throws of navigating a very thematically appropriate situation of my own via text. I'll tell ya, that's certainly one way to put things in perspective. The next morning we awoke rather slowly and once we actually managed to drag ourselves out of the house it was back to business. Weekends are for burgers, and this time we went to Dirty Bones just off Kensington High Street.

Anywhere that offers mac and cheese on any level, let alone accompanying a burger, is right up my street. Plus we took so long to decide where we wanted to go that by the time we actually got there we were at that level of hungry where anything even half decent becomes the best thing you've ever eaten. As it is rawther underground you can imagine that the lighting is not ideal for insty pics, but somehow I've still managed to find a place for it in my fickle millennial heart.

No lunch in our lives is complete without a subsequent stroll and photo sesh, so we took a wander around some home stores where I died a thousand individual deaths over various throw blankets, coasters and completely superfluous yet 100% necessary-in-my-life giant monochrome hourglasses that I can not afford at this soulcrushing moment in my life, and then took our show on the road. Up the road. To a different road.

I genuinely think my entire non-pyjama wardrobe is just various shades of grey and black at this point.
Apparently when I was sorting my clothes pre-move I decided to leave all colour in Melbourne.

Speaking of Melbourne, I'm starting to feel as though I may also have left about half my identity there as well and I don't mean that in the same sense as a few weeks ago when I had no idea what I was doing in my life, I just feel a bit weird. Not lost, but definitely rebuilding. It's quite fun, like a little personal renaissance. Speaking of which I really want to go to Italy. When do I not want to go to Italy though. Off topic. Something else that is completely off topic but that I just need to get out is the fact that zAyn'$ n3w aLbUm tRaCkL!$tt i$ tYp3D liiK3 a mY$pAc33 $tAtUs fR0m 2006 && n01 s33mZ 2 cAr3. g3nU!n3Lyy wHyy th0 ?? Real talk I used to be able to type like that as a joke faster than I could type normally and it was a real issue for me going to a laptop school.
As you can tell, I'm in a spectacularly introspective mood.

Really though, I do feel like I'm making good progress in my life right now (most of it is in areas that aren't really tangible to anyone outside of my brain or laptop so #soz but have faith), it's just that having real life grown up responsibilities to handle on my own has added an element of stress that I would apparently usually attribute to a lack of direction. Only this time I actually do have a pretty solid idea of what I'm doing, it's just council tax. And groceries. And remembering to eat vegetables so I don't get scurvy. All important relatable things for a 23 year old gal to keep track of.

Innywho, after our stroll we were cold and tired and I was on the precipice of a proper mood due to the fact I found my dream coat in Zara but couldn't buy it because I was being "responsible", so we decided to get a coffee at one of about fifty Caffe Concertos in the SW postcode. This photo was directly before I yanked that dangly petal off the rose and grimly stated "he loves me not".
I'm great fun at parties and social occasions.

On Sunday we toddled off to NORTH Kensington for a change and headed to West Thirty Six for a roast. Well Alessia got a roast, I went for some uncharacteristic french toast after being informed that it is apparently impossible for them to serve avocado without chilli flakes. Aiight lads. Don't hurt yourselves.

The decor was enjoyable, the food was decent and certainly photogenic, but the service was honestly not fantastic and definitely not up to scratch when you factor in the prices. I find it odd to be inflexible about such a small menu, and Less and I are both very big on manners when it comes to both sides of a customer service situation so while I do think it was well put together in term of visuals and presentation, things didn't quite even out overall. 
One to check out if you have a few free hours just to cross it off the list, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go there again.

In other news, as of this week I should be back on track with regular blog posts and videos. I'm trying out a Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule on here (there will be an extra one tomorrow because I'm not counting this as one of this week's three due entirely to reasons that are very clear in my mind but also make no real sense) as well as putting up new videos on Sundays and Thursdays. Won't lie, I'm particularly excited for this Friday's post. It's been a long time coming. So now you know when to check back for #topnotchcontent, although you should already be subscribed to me on youtube and bloglovin'.

In case you've missed them, I've put up three new videos in the past week:

So that's that all nicely wrapped up. Let me know if there's any kind of post you'd like to see on here because I'm in Planning Mode Deluxe, as the Swedish bloggers would say. Have you noticed that? They really like the world 'deluxe'. And I really like them. God bless Sweden, god bless Scandinavian interiors, god bless this one armchair I really want from Ikea.

That's it. Gonna go.