I Moved ...Again

And this time we're in LONDON. That's right lads, the struggles have all paid off and we're finally bloody here. The second half of July was essentially me trying not to have an exhaustion-induced breakdown whilst finding a house and working full time, but I made it through as I always do and just under a week ago Fiona and I handed over the keys to our Reading house and BAILED AS FAST AS WE COULD back to London. I don't know if you've ever had a phase in your life where the second it ends you're immediately like 'well that was a weird time', but that's the only way to describe The Reading Months. I was sitting on the platform with my Burger King waiting for the train back to London and just felt my entire life flooding back over me in a wave of 'LOL that was weird'. There were definite benefits of our time there, like us being able to adjust and me making friends at work, but boy oh boy am I ready to be in London and start my life.

Speaking of starting my life, as of three days ago I am officially (f)unemployed, and although that may not seem like the best of situations having just moved to London, it is all part of a plan. Everything is always part of a plan. Having decided that I am done as heck with retail (honestly impressed that I lasted this long considering how much I dislike being approached by members of the general public under any circumstances), I'm giving myself a few weeks to build a portfolio of writing that I'm happy to show to people, and that way even if I need to go into temping for a bit I've got that work to show when I apply for jobs I actually want. Thus far the writing has taken a backseat to me running around trying to see all my friends at once, but I will develop some decent self discipline soon. 
After the Harry Potter screening we're going to tonight.

Things I'm Excited About Re: FINALLY Living In London

Not having to get the damn train in from Reading
Not having to deal with Reading's public transport in general
Also not having to fly for 24 hours to get here but that's old news
Being able to see my friends whenever I want and at short notice
Being able to actually GO TO THINGS
Not having to move again in the foreseeable future
Being where I actually have wanted to be for frickin years
Focusing on new goals now that I've ticked this one off
Being in a position to start sorting out my future and career
Great pokemon catching opportunities
Can just fang off to a museum if I feel like it
Can start investing in making my room look the way I want it to because I don't have to LEAVE
Seriously as soon as I get a job I am getting new curtains and mum if you're reading this can you please send over my good bedding
I just generally feel more content and settled in my day to day life
Probably will be able to start posting insty pics of something other than Italy
I almost booked flights to Copenhagen with my friend Parker when we had been on the wines last night
We will book the flights but just once I know I have a job and probably not drunk
I'm bored of this list and need to get ready to go to the screening now
Bless us all, I'll try to pop back soon, I just need time to create my routine and calm down a bit.